Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kids' Day

I'm getting behind on my photos here. Too much nifty stuff going on, and too poor of an internet connection to share!
The school held a 'Kids' Day' activity and sports day. It was a few weeks ago, on one of the hottest days of the year. Still winter officially, but it hit about 95F. There were 10-15(?) activity stations set up, and the children went around with their classes, playing these games, for about 3 hours! Pre-K had a shortened time for the games. Just as well as it was HOT!

Because Honor's class had a shorter time, I followed her group around first. The organizers were thoughtful of the little ones, and teamed 5th grade helpers up with each preK child. First they had races with giant balls.

Next the got to ride the trikes.. oh yea, they were good at this!

Then on to the obstacle course. The kids loved this! Run through the hoops.
Are you sure we're supposed to jump off this thing?
Ready, steady...
Go!!! (The helper looked a bit worried here, but as Honor survived this first 'scary part', she gained confidence as a 'big sister' figure!)
Then crawl under things, run...
Leap up another incline!
uh.. here we go again...
And then Honor levitated as her buddy hopped in a sack in a sack to the finish line.
On to the next event. More levitating. This time while holding a bean bag between your knees.
Goal! Beanbag in the bucket!
The girls had a very nice time together.

After Honor and her class headed back to class, I caught up with Brian. Good thing the classes had bright color-coded T-shirts! (Free from Dansani, who sponsored the event and provided water too). I found his class just as they were being told how to play "The game of the gods". Looked like soccer, played with the hands, not feet (as that would probably pop the giant beach balls!). Brian loves anything to do with running, and he was pretty good and stealing the ball away from the opposing team.
He was regretting wearing long pants as the temps were starting to soar. It had actually been rather chilly that morning!

Watching the big kids try to handle the trikes was hilarious! Too big to fit their knees under the handle bars, but too young to have the experience/coordination to figure out an alternate pedaling method. Poor kids! They thought it was very silly.

Then Brian had a chance at the obstacle course. Run the rings...
Go under stuff...
Leap over stuff...
Hop around in a big bag...
Run all the way back to the beginning...
and start again. Repeat until you turn red, can't breath, and the organizer says that you HAVE to stop and go to the next station! By the way, this was a for fun only activity. They didn't have to push so hard, but they were having fun.
Next station was the 'hop with a beanbag' game. I actually think the preK kids did better at this event. Then again, they were not as totally worn out before they arrived here either.
Next was a tag game called 'Camel market'. The herders had to grab the camels' tails.. yea.. more crazy running in the heat!
Ah! Finally!! Something with WATER!! There was also some game here, something involving filling a rubber chicken with water and passing it around, but it seemed the kids only wanted to get wet.
Honor's class poster had preK Sphinx photos.
Brian's class poster displayed the cartouches that they made with heiroglyphics as homework.

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susan said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all.
Honor looks so grown up. Must be because of an immanent (sp?) birthday... Happy Birthday Honor!