Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Food in a box

Item name / Qty. / Price (LE)
Chicken Fillet (spicy)(Medium Value Meals (sandwich + medium French fries + Coca Cola)) / 1 / 20LE

Filet-O-Fish (Medium Value Meals (sandwich + medium French fries + Coca Cola)) / 1 / 16.82LE

Cheese Burger (Happy Meals (sandwich + regular Mcfries + regular drink + toy)) / 1 / 10.91

Chicken MACDO (Happy Meals (sandwich + regular Mcfries + regular drink + toy)) / 1 / 11.36

Subtotal 59.09LE
Delivery Charge 4LE
Tax 10%
Grand total 69.4LE (approx $14 when a tip is added for the delivery guy)

Occasion: Brian finally maxed his spelling test - regular words (easy) and challenge words - an extra (harder) word list given if he maxes his pre-test at the beginning of the week. He was aceing all of his spelling tests last year. He was obsessive about studying. This year, he hasn't been as driven. I finally asked him why, and he said because there is no contest to it! Boring. Arrgh! He pushes himself and does well in most everything else (not handwriting, but most everything else) so I wasn't sure of a good reason to drive him harder. He likes school, why ruin the fun? But, it is kind of frustrating at the same time. We know he can do better, so why not?

I resorted to bribery. I am not really sure if that is a good thing or not. The only other alternatives seemed to be ignore the 'slacking off' in this one area, or push him to push himself harder than he already does. Why not bribery? I mean, we have to eat something anyway. So, I told him that is he maxes the regular AND challenge list, he could pick dinner. It's been several weeks since the challenge was issued and this is the first time he got it. I still believe that he hasn't been trying very hard. But, he really liked the power of choosing dinner. Fortunately, McD's here delivers (via our online delivery service: OTLOB ) so we didn't have to go out .. I was too tired for it. Let's see how next week goes.


Cairo Mama said...

I love Otlob! It was great. Sometimes you need delivery. I think bribery used with restraint is o.k. He said he wanted a challenge. I think picking dinner is a nice treat/incentive.

Christine said...

How cool! I wish McDonalds delievered here. BTW, I sometimes use bribery, sis.