Saturday, April 5, 2008

Baking a cake for class

Honor's class allows parents to bring in a birthday cake or cupcakes during snack time, and Honor wanted to help bake something to bring in. She got the ingredients out. She measured the water. I did the oil. She cracked all the eggs. She even did all the blending.
She said she could do it herself, and I could go away. She'd call me when she needed me. I couldn't resist sneaking in for a photo though.
After the cake had been baked and cooled, Honor put the frosting on all by herself. BTW, is cousin Julia missing a smile? Honor seems to be wearing one lately that reminds me of Julia very much!
After the frosting, we had to decorate. Those tubes of colorful frosting can be tough to squeeze and maneuver at the same time!
Rrrrrr! Good thing she's a tough cook!
Ta-daa! Such a Happy, Happy Birthday cake!! Honor's classmates loved it too, the pan came back home completely clean!


Christine said...

Happy Birthday Honor! You did a great job! What a big girl!

susan said...

But can she snort like a pig like Cousin Julia;-)

Connie said...

I'm sure she can! She meows, she barks, she chirps.. just give her time ;-)