Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm not paranoid...

...the weather really is out to get me!

We've had a heat wave blow in (with sand). It should be in the 80s this time of year, but yesterday, it hit 100F by 1030am and didn't drop below 100F until after 6pm. I had to go out in it from 2-3pm. That's when it hit it's max... not too surprising...that is a hot time of the day.

1:30 PM 104.0 °F / 40.0 °C Clear
2:00 PM 104 °F / 40 °C Blowing Sand
2:00 PM 104.0 °F / 40.0 °C Clear
2:30 PM 105.8 °F / 41.0 °C Clear
3:00 PM 105.8 °F / 41.0 °C Clear
3:30 PM 104.0 °F / 40.0 °C Clear
4:00 PM 104.0 °F / 40.0 °C ...

Today I thought I'd be safe. I had to walk a mile back to the school today at 1030 to help Honor's pre-K class at the pool. That should still be a cool time of day? Yes? No.

8:30 AM 91.4 °F / 33.0 °C Clear
9:00 AM 95.0 °F / 35.0 °C Sand
9:30 AM 100.4 °F / 38.0 °C Sand
10:00 AM 104.0 °F / 40.0 °C Sand
10:30 AM 105.8 °F / 41.0 °C Sand
11:00 AM 105.8 °F / 41.0 °C Sand
11:30 AM 102.2 °F / 39.0 °C Sand
12:00 PM 102.2 °F / 39.0 °C Sand
12:30 PM 102.2 °F / 39.0 °C ....

hmmm?? I have to head out again at 2pm... with a driver, fortunately... but, I dunno, seems like I'm being followed. It did cool down after I got to the school, and I spent about 40 minutes swimming with the kids. I had a lot of fun with Honor's class too. The little ones have to stay in the splash pools unless accompanied one-on-one by an adult in the big pool. That was where another mom and I helped out. Brian's class doesn't require moms(!), but we did see him leaving PE as we were walking over to the pool from the classroom. It was good to see him and say hello - he's got a lot of preK fans.

Well, you know what, we'll see what else the weather gets up to today, but really, I don't care :-) This morning, as I was walking home after dropping the kids off, a gardener that I pass by and regularly say hello to, gave me a bundle of pink gladiolas, just out of the blue, so come on sun, bring it on! You're not melting my good mood :-)

btw, I got the weather info from: Weather Underground, a very good resource.

** Update for 2pm outing:

12:30 PM 102.2 °F / 39.0 °C Sand
1:00 PM 104.0 °F / 40.0 °C Clear
1:30 PM 105.8 °F / 41.0 °C Clear
2:00 PM 106 °F / 41 °C Widespread Dust
2:00 PM 105.8 °F / 41.0 °C Clear
2:30 PM 105.8 °F / 41.0 °C Clear

See! I knew it. Guess the weather just likes attention - and I guess I'm happy to oblige by commenting on the interesting bits :-)

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