Saturday, April 19, 2008

How big is bunny?

We did not have the camera handy today, but it was a day for us to see how big the kids are getting.

Honor: while picking up her room, hung a clothes hanger back on the closet rack by herself; no step-stool.

Brian: Could carry 4 books in one hand. We know this because he offered to carry our books for us on the way to dinner.

Honor: Cleaned up a cat's 'accident' without being asked. (Not something we usually ask the kids to do, but she just went and did it anyway)

Brian: Picked Honor up, several times, so she could reach the monkey bars at the playground.

Honor: tackled things at the playground with more confidence, and success, than usual.

Brian: On his own initiative, encouraged Honor to play with him at the playground, and remembered to 'treat her like a big girl, while keeping in mind the actual difference' - something that can be very difficult!

Honor: With spelling help, wrote the 3 clues for her mystery bag homework. (show & tell, but the other kids have to guess the object based on the clues given.)

Brian: On his own initiative, patiently helped Honor play a game that involved writing and drawing.

They also had an interesting what-if conversation - I think this is proof that they really are listening to my "What would you do..?" questions that I often give them instead of straight answers! But this is good. Honor asked Brian, "If mom and dad were sick, and I had to stay home and take care of them(!), and you still had to go to school, what would you do?" Brian said, "I'd ask for (our driver)'s phone number, call him (Brian has only dialed the phone 1-2 times, and so this would be a big task for him.) and ask for a ride. Then I'd meet him downstairs to go to school." And you know, except for the fact we probably wouldn't want him going to school if we were that sick(!), they'd probably pull it off too - probably even remember to get cash to pay the driver. They also mentioned calling the guards if we were really sick. Yay! They listen!

Both were also big helpers in grocery shopping, putting things away, emptying waste baskets and taking out garbage this evening. Both also had instances where they chose to ask and adult for help - very mature! - rather than not do something, or do it anyway and possibly break something. (ie. Brian's screen door got stuck, rather than force it, and mess up the screen, he asked for help). And both chose to bring a book, rather than a toy, to dinner with them at the club.

There were a lot of little things like this all weekend. Picking up their rooms well, playing together well, we even planted a bunch of seeds in pots for our balconies. You know the classic "Pat the Bunny" book? Well, I've had the thought "How big is bunny?, Sooooooo big"... going through my head quite a lot!

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