Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring has sprung!

I have been enjoying my morning walks more and more now that the air is cleaner and the flowers are blooming! Well, today the air was not cleaner. Today we had an ugly sandstorm that lasted pretty much all day. The day I took these photos was beautiful though. A friend of mine who lives in England said he had an unexpected snowfall for his daily dose of weather. I asked him if he would trade for sand, but he didn't seem interested. Anyway, we've been enjoying the blue skies (except today, when it was grey and/or yellow), warm temps (except for the times they've been sweltering, we hit 102F twice during spring break), and lovely flowers (no excepts, they are lovely!).
I am trying something new with this post. Embedding a slideshow with Picasa. We'll see how it goes; click the top photo to link to the album, or just watch the small version below:
Spring Flowers

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Michele said...

Your children are gorgeous! I swung by to see your blog after you visited mine, and discovered you live in Cairo!!! I am so envious. I don't necessarily want to live there, but it's the top spot on my vacation list! I love everything about Egypt, have since I was little, and so hope to visit one day.