Saturday, April 19, 2008

Let them eat spinach!

We do not believe in 'kid food' in this house. We have always fed the kids the same thing we eat. I have been careful about hot spices, especially when they were younger and sloppier, but that is about the only exception. I don't expect them to like everything we like, but I expect them to give it a proper try. And not just one time, but every time I serve a dish. Foods that are prepared differently, taste different. Tastes also change. I think they are pretty adventurous and do not argue (much) about trying something - esp. as they know we will not make them eat something if they do give it a good try and really do not like it.

But I can be such a mean mom. Sometimes I push the limits. As we get to the end of the week, I have to look at my stash of fresh produce that needs using up. This week, I had way more onions, no carrots, only a few potatoes, and green beans. I wanted to make meatloaf, but meatloaf without carrots or celery can be boring, so I hollowed out a bunch of my surplus onions (easier than it sounds) and stuffed them with the meatloaf mixture. I covered the whole dish with tomato sauce and baked it. I cooked the green beans, and the small amount of potatoes. Then, because I've been wanting to experiment - and I know that extra veggies means more meat leftover for dinner the next day - I decided to make spinach balls. Spinach, bread crumbs, eggs, feta cheese and parmesan cheese, rolled up in balls and baked. Poor hungry kids - all those onions coming at them at the table.. even though I told them they just needed to eat the meat! Sent them right to the green beans and spinach balls! That's one way to get them to eat their green veggies!

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Cairo Mama said...

I share the same philosophy as you about mealtime. I've met so many moms who make six different things for dinner and have to chase kids around the table to get them to eat an then bribe them. Or, they only make macaroni and cheese or very limited things because "that;s all the kid will eat".
I just don't worry about it. I give him food (the same as we are eating) and he either eats it or he doesn't. He usually eats and tries things, but if he doesn't want to, I don't force him and I don't make something else! Yesterday for lunch he had two bites of rice and refused to eat anymore, but then had 4 bananas in a 3 hours period and then ate a big dinner.