Wednesday, April 30, 2008

School day (and not) with kids`

Today was a fun day, but tiring. I'm gonna feel it. We got the kids up and to school as normal. From the school, Brad continued on to work. As has been my routine, I walked the (approx) mile back home. Good way to start my day. I had breakfast, coffee, got some laundry going and did some basic picking up. Then it was time to change, and leave again.

I walked back to the school. Children in Honor's class cannot go into the big pool without an adult. One-on-one. They are very strict. So, I go as an adult. We saw Brian's class finishing their PE session as we got there, but he missed us this week. Honor's teacher has her swim with me most of the time we were there. She is getting stronger in the water. We also switch out, Honor goes to the splash pool, and I assist a couple of other kids who have permission from their parents to go in the big pool. The kids only have a 40-45 minute block of time, but it is nice.

When time's up, we return to the class and help the little ones back into dry outfits. Then they go off to lunch. I said goodbye to Honor and left. I wandered out to the field to see if Brian was at lunch recess so I could surprise him. Nope. Didn't see him. So, I walked to the gate to leave. One of his classmates came up to me, out of the blue, and told me that Brian was still in the lunchroom. I liked this - I like that the kids' classmates know whose mom I am. I went to the lunchroom, but saw Honor's class before I found Brian. I said Hi to her, and as I did so, Brian came up and hugged me. Another of his classmates had seen me and pointed me out to Brian. It was good to be there. They told me that they enjoyed the surprise visit - but not as much as I did, I am sure.

On my walk home, I stopped by the club to swim. Yes, I was just in a pool, but only as a support post. I wanted to do some laps. As I entered the pool though, I hear, "Yay! It's Ms. Connie!" It was our friends' daughter, and her friend, both who are on Easter break from their school - a British school with a different schedule. Their parents were working, but they'd been brought to swim by their nannies. Well, I gave them a good glare and demanded to know who said they could skip school and go swimming! They weren't scared. I did manage to get in 8-10 laps, but mostly I chased kids, threw balls, hoisted kids in the air, let them chase and dunk me, etc. Who needs laps for a good work out?

I got home in time to change and go back to school (with the driver this time - whew!) to pick up Honor. While she napped, I finished the afternoon by catching up on ironing. Then, Brian came home and brought me his meal-winning spelling test, which saved me from standing up more in the kitchen, and Brad came home at a good time this evening. So, I may be achy all over tomorrow, but I sure had a pleasant day today.


Christine said...

I got tired just reading this post. :)

Christine said...

Hi Sis. Check out the way I added you to my blogroll. It is a new feature and it always lists the newest post. Thanks for adding the link for Dennis.