Monday, April 21, 2008

Dragon and cat

I've always thought that Brian was my little dragon. His Chinese horoscope has 3 dragons in it. He's always loved dragons, and I can even remember him roaring himself hoarse at 7months old - he saw a dragon on a movie and spent the rest of the day crawling around 'Roar'ing!

Honor, on the other hand, is our third cat. She is independent and playful.. do not try to force her to do anything, she'll get to it when she's ready. She has a very natural affinity with cats as well.

The kids can be so similar to one another, and yet... so extremely different. Yesterday, we saw a bit of their animal personalities show through again. I cannot easily find good clothes that fit them locally (and I hate to roam all over the place shopping - yuck!). They are very tall, and very skinny. I wait for sales at Old Navy, JC Penney, Gap, and The Children's Place and shop on-line. Recently, the Children's Place had a GREAT sale and I stocked up on summer clothes - both kids had outgrown most of their old stuff. T-shirts, shorts with adjustable tab waists, skorts (skirts with built-in shorts), and loads of pockets for all. The box arrived yesterday.

Honor attacked her clothes like a kitten with a pile of new toys. She pounced, she grabbed and tossed. She tried things on, posed, and danced around the room - when she tripped over the box, she giggled and danced on - she meant to do that.

Brian got his items, conducted inventory, examined the things carefully, then like a dragon with gold or other sparkle-y treasures, stashed his clothes neatly away in a bag.. warning his cat-sister not to mess with HIS hoarded goods!

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Cairo Mama said...

Speaking of boxes, my replacement order arrived! Replacement for the new sheets, blankets and towels that I ordered and the mail clerk sent back. Now, the only thing I am missing is my new stroller!

I used to call Ian a Pteradactyl because he shreiked all the time! Glad your order arrived and hope everything fits well enough to keep!