Wednesday, April 23, 2008


A blog friend, Cairo Mama shared a great website about homemaking. It's called Fly Lady, and it attacks housework requirements with a positive and practical approach. They have cute acronyms/codewords for things. FLY (Finally Love Yourself) and living in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). So, using baby steps, the Fly Lady tries to teach others to FLY, and gradually, with as little muss and fuss and stress as possible, organize their homes and lives.

Today I found a similar website, Ideal Bite with daily emails of easy tips to make your life more green. Taking baby steps, or rather, little bites, instead of trying take big bites, ie. trying to do EVERYTHING at once, which makes you get frustrated, and overwhelmed, which will eventually cause you to give up. That's no good...

"Ideal Bite offers bite-sized ideas for light green living. Welcome! We know that you would just love to "do the right thing" for yourself and the planet if it were convenient, fun, inexpensive, and made you feel good. But until now you have lacked a good source of advice for real people leading busy lives."

So, FLYing and biting, hmm? I don't want to be a mosquito.. blech!, I'd have to squish me. I think vampires are much cooler... organized and Earth-friendly vampires. Perhaps I need a t-shirt with a green bat carrying a tie-dye and purple feather duster... most people wouldn't get it, but that's the kind of t-shirt I like best anyway.

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Cairo Mama said...

The information you get can be so overwhelming and contradictory that it is good to have a source that offers managable, gradual changes. Will have to check out Ideal Bite.