Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My faith in her faith

Once upon a time, my mom had me attend her Southern Baptist church. The close-minded fundamentalism of that church clashed so badly with who I was, that not only did I leave it as soon as I could, I also tried to turn my back on everything spiritual. Didn't work. To make a long story short, I found too many miracles in life and nature for that to happen. Maybe one day I'll say some things about Paganism and Druidry, but in the meantime, I'll just say that while it is still not my calling, I've made peace with the religion of Christianity, and understand now that my problem was not with the religion, but with a certain set of it followers.

I read my sister-in-law Christine's blog tonight and her words were like going to church. A good and uplifting service. Not one of those, well, other types... (be good!) I am so happy for her, and for the strength she gains from her faith. We live far apart. No phone calls or regular visits. I've been very worried about the stress and worry that she and her husband must be going through as they work on an international adoption. She entitled this blog entry "God's Promises , and that is what she spoke about, but it was also a clear and strong testament to her faith. Reading it immediately lifted from my shoulders, much of the burden of worry I had been carrying for her. I know, that she knows, that she has someone stronger to carry all such burdens for her. Of course, I knew of her faith before, and that was always a relief, but this new affirmation strengthens my faith in her. I am still going to worry and pray for her and their new son(-to-be), after all, that's my job as SIL and aunt! But less so, as of tonight.

It is wonderful, isn't it? That the strength that she shows in her faith, can strengthen my faith, in her, and in general, and bring me such peace? To me, it's akin to proof that giving out free smiles, hugs, and other random acts of kindness, really does make positive waves in the world. Christine rippled the pond by throwing out a pebble of faith. Let the waves spread. Thanks sis :-)


Cairo Mama said...

People have to work so hard for adoption. Now that is bureaucracy! Thanks for sharing this story and giving me some perspective with my mailroom incident. I am just trying to bring a stroller and bedding home, she is trying to bring a little boy home! Time for me to take a deep breath and send good thought her way.

Michele said...

I know just what you mean. I too came to my own peace with christianity, but most importantly I am happy for my mom who has found strength during her many challenges in life (cancer, her hubby's health challenges, death of her sister and more), in her christian faith. I don't always agree or find that it's tenets work for me, but she has come through so much, which lifted such a burden from me as well.

Religion or spirituality's importance does not lie in WHAT you believe, but how your belief supports you and allows you to grow into the person you are meant to be.