Saturday, July 19, 2008


Brian and Honor have not been bowling before, so before we left Oklahoma, we headed out to the local bowling alley. Brad, my nephew, and my sister enjoy bowling more seriously, so I let them be on one 'team', and the kids and I had the other lane. Great place with computer scoring and automatic (pop-up) bumpers for the kids.

Ready to go!
Nick, hanging out, waiting his turn. Very patient with wild, young cousins.
Brad SHOULD smile. He got TWO turkeys (3 strikes in a row) in one game.
Honor had a hard time swinging that heavy ball, but she never gave up... even when I wished she would. She got tired and frustrated and had a short melt-down. I have to say I've never had to comfort a angry, crying 5yo on a bowling lane, while trying to accurately help aim a 6lb bowl. We worked it out.
Brian did quite well. Some throws definitely benefited from the bumpers, but he threw some very accurately too.
2 Strikes in a row accurate!
Look at that score! (not mine.. don't look at that, look at Brian's)
After bowling, Nick took the kids to the arcade and helped them play a few games. I don't think the kids had been to an arcade before. Thanks Nick!
Cousins at air hockey.

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Cairo Mama said...

I think there is a bowling alley in Maadi if they want to keep it up! Saw on the pictures on Chrisrine's site. Very exciting that Dennis is home.