Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's been awhile...

We landed in Tulsa, and it RAINED. Thunder, lightning, and RAIN! We enjoyed getting rained on. We had several days of cloudy wet days and we enjoyed it. The rest of Oklahoma was probably glad to see the sunny days we shared on the last bit of our visit, but we thought the dampness was refreshing. The cat thought it made for good 'tv' too.
Something else we haven't seen in awhile.. good ol' southern fried food, in the form of Cracker Barrel food. I haven't had Chicken fried chicken in awhile. Haven't had fried okra, turnip greens (with hot sauce of course), or baked apples, corn bread on the side, in awhile either. And SWEET ice tea. Mmm! I couldn't eat this all the time, but it was great to taste it again! The kids enjoyed the store part of the restaurant too.

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