Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ein Sukhna (part 2)

No griping about how slow I am with keeping up on my blog during vacation... this ***IS*** vacation! :-) So slow down and enjoy a couple of videos from our Ein Sukhna trip. I'll catch up with our adventures in a bit.

Videos from the Oriental Show at the Sea Club:

This dancer was very good (sorry about the poor lighting! It was an outdoor show). She also seemed to be having fun, and later, she led the children in the audience in dancing... very sweet.

Who knew that watching a guy spin in circles for 20+ minutes could be so interesting. The Egyptian Tanoura dance is a form of entertainment based on a religious ritual. It's actually very impressive and although I've seen several performances now, I always find it impossible to not be inspired.

Honor got to meet the dancer and try a bit of oriental dancing too.

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