Thursday, July 10, 2008

Off we go!

Brad had to work on my birthday, and I spent the day packing, cleaning house, and handling all the last minute preparation for our departure (thanks Dave and Vicky for your help!). We tried to have the kids nap during the day, and then have a few hours sleep at night. We had to leave the house late at night (early the next morning) for the airport. We had the fastest ride to the airport ever - I do not know the distance exactly, but it can often take awhile. I think this guy got us there in 20 minutes!

We checked into the Cairo airport very quickly, and made our way to the waiting area. We are constantly impressed how much the airport is changing because everytime we show up, things are different - there's a lot of construction. The children's play area stays the same though and the kids head right over. We had a quiet flight to Frankfurt, and the waiting began...
I think we had about 4 hours to waste. As typical, there was absolutely NO place to sit and wait. Even the restaurants are incredibly sparse, and seating is far below what is needed for the amount of travelers. Frankfurt is otherwise a very nice airport to transit. It functions. Meaning, you fly in, don't get lost/abandoned upon reaching the terminal. Security is efficient. It is clean (for such a busy place). It is modern looking, with nice shops. Our luggage goes through well every time, and everyone on staff there is efficient and friendly. BUT, you'd think such a nice airport could afford some CHAIRS!! There is even plenty of room for them along the multitude of corridors between gates and terminals. Can we take up a collection for chair donations??
We were lucky... we eventually found 2 chairs to sit on. Fortunately, the kids were happy to sit on the floor and color. We eventually got on our next flight, and 9 hours later, made it to Chicago. The kids managed to sleep through most of this flight.

Here's a photo of Brian and Honor next to the plane of a Medal of Honor recipient. We had about 3-4 hours to wait in Chicago as well. Better than too little time and missing our connection, but wow... I was tired!
We finally made it to Tulsa around 1030pm. We deplaned by stairs, and it was RAINING!! We were the only ones who dawdled on the tarmac and got wet! :-)

Found our rental car - a Ford Edge, which is a very comfy car/minivan/whatever. I like it! - and managed to escape from the airport. It wasn't easy. Once we got on the interstate though, we made it to my sister's house - through pouring rain, thunder and lightning. It was great to see the weather. It's storming again today. My sister says they've been having quite enough rain, but I like it anyway.

The kids were happy to see their 'big' cousins again. And the 'big' cousins have been great with the kids. Very patient!! Nick was tackled and tortured - but seems to have survived the ordeal.
Kira attempted to teach Honor to pogo, but Honor is simply not heavy enough to make the spring go!
Later we visited Kira at her new job. Excellent burgers, and even better service :-) How often to you get an enjoyable meal, with lots of hugs and personal attention - outside of home?? Notice the storm clouds in the background? Later there was a rainbow. Probably the first that Honor has ever seen.
A new hat for Brian, not sure if he approves.
Honor likes hers!
My sister has a little statue that our Dad made. Actually, he made the guy, the motorcycle was a model that Brad and I tracked down in the most awesome flea market in South Carolina, possibly the world (The Jockey Lot) - it's the funnest I've ever been too at any rate. The guy is a charicature of our dad was he was a young sailor in California. The bike is an Indian model, the kind of bike he used to have and ride.
We've only just started our visit, but it sure feels good to be here with family again!


Cairo Mama said...

Glad you made it through without major difficulty. Every time we flew through Frankfurt they left our gate checked stroller there!

The package arrived yesterday. Thanks for doing this for me and all the extra surprises included as well! Ian is wearing his Egypt shirt today. Need to do a post with all the stuff.

Enjoy your trip!

Danie said...

Connie, I'm in Canada and getting (a little) caught up on blogs. A beleated happy birthday to you. I hope it was a good one!