Saturday, July 19, 2008


The kids were invited by their cousin, Kira, to attend her Karate class. What a great way to spend some time together!! Both kids were excited to go, although a bit shy about the new people and new techniques. The instructors were awesome though, and made the kids feel very welcome. The interactions, of student to instructor, were different, and the Karate techniques were different from Taekwondo, but similar. Although both are young students (and nervous), they were able to keep up enough to enjoy the experience. Thanks Kira!!

Here are the three cousins during the beginner's class. Kira is a brown belt, but she assisted this class. Brian is supposed to be a blue belt, not green, but, while I managed to get their uniforms in the suitcases, I forgot to pack their belts! I always forget something important - when we traveled to the US with a first stop at Disney one year, we found that I had forgot to pack pants for Honor. We also found that while Disney World sells many many T-shirts, they do not sell pants. Nor does any place in downtown Disney, Orlando. We made do with the pair she wore, the spare in her backpack, and the Minnie Mouse dress we bought her! Comparatively, forgetting the belts this year was minor... Kira loaned the kids her old belts.
After the beginner's class, was an intermediate class. Brian participated, but Honor decided to sit it out and goof off with Aunt Nancy.
Brian works on his blocks and his 'angry face' with the intermediate instructor.
You want me to spar with who?? The instructor paired the cousins up for some practice and Brian wasn't sure what to do!
He tried! and we think he held his own pretty well.
Hope you are enjoying karate camp Kira! We miss you guys already. Thanks (to you and your coaches!) for including your little cousins in class.

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