Friday, July 25, 2008

X25 and cooties

Yesterday, we packed up our suitcases and intended to move from my in-laws home, over to my sister-in-law's house, to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday and for us to spend a couple nights over there - to let the cousins build forts and sleep-over, etc. We've been a bit hesitant to invade too much, even though we were invited and felt welcome, because Dennis is so new to their family. Brian and Honor have had plenty of time to play, and have sleepovers, with a changing selection of cousins, at their grandparents house ever since we've arrived. Well, we thought Dennis had a fair amount of good bonding time, and decided to go over to their place and visit the whole bunch at once for a couple days. It didn't work out.
btw - Here are some pictures from the last few days:

We arrived and the kids dispersed to play in all directions. I love how easily they just pick up and go with each other. I had a bit of time to visit with some of my nieces and nephews too. Even Dennis chattered with me and spent some quality time interacting. I am very new to him, but he is such a bright and active boy. We found a box that had a container with markers in it, and he and I played drums and put things in and out of the box. He listened and responded when I told him 'no' (no markers in his mouth). He also responded positively to encouraging words when he put things in the box nicely. He's definitely made himself right at home with his new family and it is a joy to see the interactions!

Christine made an amazing meal - shredded pork tacos, homemade salsa, and rice, followed by a yummy cake (Happy Birthday Dad!). Unfortunately, some evil cootie chose this moment to attack Brian. The only problem with dumping a whole bunch of kids from different environments together - full immersion - is cooties. Someone is bound to have something that the others have not been exposed to yet. Ah well. Maybe it was that evil stomach bug that attacked Julia earlier this year, who knows, but Brian didn't have much appetite, and after dinner, the poor kid was throwing up, pale-faced and chilled. Sigh. We got him cleaned up and calmed down, but he was not a happy camper. I am pretty sure that this is something that Brian would have picked up from one of his cousins because they are the only ones he's played with and we've been here a week or so now... it makes sense and is only to be expected since they have different sets of immunities... so I assume Dennis has already been exposed to everything, I was still worried about keeping an actively sick child near him. We packed up and I took the kids back to my in-laws... disappointing the healthy kids who wanted to play. (Sorry!) At least we could leave Brad there for a bit more pinocle with his brother and family. I brought the kids home on my own.

There's a new Rite Aid pharmacy near the house and we stopped there on the way home for gatorade and motrin. Brian thought he felt better, but he threw-up there too. Thanks to the guys by the freezer who ran over with a bit of cardboard to catch the mess, and the employees. Poor Brian. We finally got home. Got Brian a bit of fluid and Motrin and hopped in bed. I put Honor in my bed, trying to keep her away from the evil cooties, and I slept in Brian's room to keep an eye on him.

I generally prefer a firm mattress, but I guess I've gotten used to the softer ones we've been using on vacation. Sometime in the night I had a dream that we were visiting a friend on a river. When we arrived, we found it to be some decrepit apartment on a crowded oil rig thingy. I am sure there was some good reason for this, in my dream, because we didn't turn around and leave. We went aboard and asked for our friend. We were informed that she lived in section X25, and was expecting us. We found section X. Open bays with concrete walls and mats on the floor. Civilians and military people side by side. I dunno - it made sense then. I asked a Marine how to find section X25, and he answered, one level up, where the air mattresses were. I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not. I didn't find out though. That's when I woke up. My neck was stiff, and Brian was throwing up again.

We survived the night, and Brian seems better this morning, although he's running a slight fever. Hopefully we will be back playing with cousins again soon (and I'll avoid visiting the oil rig again) :-)


Cairo Mama said...

Oh how terrible! I've been throwing up as well but for a different reason: pregnant! The nausea hit the day before we went to Hawaii. It is rough. I hate throwing up and having food aversions: rice, onions, garlic, vegetables (not good ones to have in Korea).

Curt is making chicken soup right now and I bought some crackers and bagels and other things like that. I find that making myself throw up makes me feel the best but even though I know that, it is hard to do. I keep resisting.

I have an appointment on Thursday. I am 6-7 weeks along, so due in March.

I 'm glad the kids were able to enjoy their cousins a bit before the plague set in. It sounds like you accomplished a lot in the short time.

I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of Dennis. I can't believe Christine ( I think I read she is 33 or 34. I am 32!) is so close to my age and has so much more responsibility!

Connie said...

Pregnant!!!! Yay!!! How exciting!!! What wonderful news!!!! :-D Congratulations to you all!!!!! I sure hope the nausea abates soon! No fun being unable to eat all that good food. I was lucky, and about the only thing that made me throw up was vitamins. Finally found some that weren't mean to me. I am so happy for you!

btw. Brian is better, but Honor has the tummy bug now... sigh...

Christine said...

I'm so sorry! But I'm glad to hear he is doing better now. Enjoy your vist with Matt and Janet and the gang!

Matt said...

You guys are on my s-list now...after 20 hours of straight puking, two lost days of work and counting...I still have a fever of 101+.!!! I sure hope no one else gets this bug!

Christine said...

Made it home safe? All healthy?