Monday, August 4, 2008

Flashback to Arkansas

We've made it to DC - after multiple airline delays - and we are staying in an extended stay-type hotel. We'll only be here a week, but I thought we'd more comfy in a place with a kitchenette. We've been busy visiting friends and goofing off the last few days and I haven't been doing computer stuff. Thought I should go back and share some pictures of Arkansas. My sister and her family took us from Oklahoma to Arkansas to visit our parents' graves, and the cemetery was set in some beautiful country.

Brian and Honor enjoyed spending time with the 'big cousins'.
Hillside next to the cemetery.
Look at this beautiful big oak tree!
View from the gravesite - very pretty and peaceful.
Looking out from the entrance to the cemetery.
They took us to see a parcel of land they own in Arkansas. We had a nice walk around their property. I miss seeing so much green! It was very refreshing.

For dinner, and to celebrate 3 birthdays, we went to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner on the way home. Honor wasn't sure what to do with chopsticks.
Brian and Kira try to figure them out.
Honor snapped this photo of the cook flipping her rice dish in the air - the dish is a blur, but I think she caught a good expression on Brian.
She was a very tired girl.
We had a great dinner, and had cake at home later.
We had a great visit with you, and miss you very much already!

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