Thursday, August 7, 2008

To the (Middle???) East coast

We've been in Maryland and the DC area for about a week now and have enjoyed the time visiting with our friends, shopping, seeing movies, and visiting some of our favorite places. One well-timed event was a dance recital in Baltimore. A friend of our participated and did a very lovely job. It was obvious that she has been working hard.

I have to say though, we thought it very funny to come all the way around the world FROM Egypt, to see Middle Eastern dancing! Of course, it was a variety of dance types, but still, very backwards! It was a great show and you should check out the website: BellyPalooza: the Daughters of Rhea and Friends

and my friend's portion of the show:

Some photos from the show:

The only low part of the evening was we managed to work Honor into a perfect condition to melt-down. She hadn't been eating well or sleeping well, despite having a nap that afternoon. She LOVED the show and was very over-stimulated by it all... but she had to do a lot of sitting still and being quiet. The ride home was just a bit too long and she had a tantrum the likes of which we'd never seen before! She kept yelling "Tell me what to do that is FUN!" She absolutely did not want to just sit in the back seat of the van and ride. Poor baby. We figured food would help a little and stopped at Taco Bell on the way to the hotel - bean burritos at midnight before bed. Well, it worked. We think that our friend's brother has probably decided to never have kids though... sorry!!


Cairo Mama said...

Looks like a great show!

Expat Mom said...

Looks like fun and I agree it`s funny that you came all the way to the US to see this! We suffer similar meltdowns with Dorian that are often solved by a little food, that low blood sugar is a kicker.

I didn`t realize you were related to Christine! I`ve been reading her blog for a while now. :) Glad you popped by or I wouldn`t have found you.