Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to school '08-'09!

Yay! School's in!!! Who's ready for school?? How about the boy who woke up at 4am?? Brian remembered my 'beat the jetlag' advice though, and stayed in bed until after 6am. Honor was a bit more work to wake up. We're all still working on our schedules. They look ready though, don't they?!
Walking to the front gate. Doesn't Honor look pretty in her new skirt Aunt Christine? (Thanks!)
Brian finds his name on the 3rd grade board and checks to see who is in his class with him.
Hmm? Didn't we only have 2 children?? We picked up a couple of friends from last year on the way to the kids' classes.
Wow! I want to go to 3rd grade!! Isn't this an awesome classroom??!! Both kids have wonderful classrooms - we just love this school! Not only for the physical furnishings(!), although they are lovely and inviting, but Cairo American College is a school that has truly earned its good reputation in many ways. If you and your family are heading this way for assignment in Cairo, check out their website (link on the name above) - and visit it often because they keep it up-to-date. Today's 1st day of school photos were on the web before we were done with the parent orientation, which included a presentation on the website - even the speaker was a bit surprised to load the page and see photos barely an hour old already up on the header page!
Brad and Brian check out the new school supplies.
Meanwhile, over in kindergarten, Honor shows me her new cubby.
And we meet the class pet. They voted to name him Looper. He's (she's?) a very patient and gentle little rodent!
The kids played before the start of class. This is the kitchen/home/store center.
After school, only a half day the first couple of weeks, Honor had a playdate with a new friend - a classmate whose family has just arrived Cairo. After we got Brian home for school, she went to her room, and without saying anything to me, put herself down for a nap - even when I got her up later for dinner, she was still as tired as a tired cat and snoozed with Ramses on the couch a little more!
Of course, the first day of 3rd grade proved to be very tiring too - after a bit of PC play, Brian also put himself down for a rest! I could barely wake him for dinner, and he went right back to bed afterwards too... hope he doesn't wake at 4am again tomorrow.

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