Tuesday, August 19, 2008

and... she's out!

Kindergarten is hard work! So is third grade. Where Brian's class immediately started with full days, the school is easing the kindergartners into their schedule. Last week was half days, release at 11:30. This week is an hour more. Next week they'll start the full day of class. With all the excitement of a new schedule, new friends, new teacher, etc. Honor has been very tired. She has also had the chance to have a couple of after school playdates - and then sit through the excitement of Brian's playtimes with his new buddy (boys are loud) - and even had a fun birthday party this past weekend. It's catching up to her! She was very tired last night and had a hard time waking up this morning. Brian was also glassy-eyed by bedtime last night, and very hard to rouse this morning. Poor guy - he's usually up, dressed, ready to go and begging for some computer time before I get myself completely showered and dressed!

A friend of mine saw Brian at school today and said that he looked down. She asked him if he was ok, was he too hot (it's only 93F, but it feels worse from the humidity!), or what was the matter. He was just worn out and tired. I went in to pick up Honor about the time he was getting out of art class and going to lunch, so Honor and I stopped by the lunchroom to give him some hugs and attention. He seemed happier, but still tired. Poor guy. When we got home, Honor finished her lunch and I had her lay down a bit. She said she wasn't tired, but she went out immediately! I sat down to get some paperwork done and be quiet while she slept, but I don't think I need bother. She is out.

I guess I better have a light dinner ready early tonight so I can get these guys down for an early bedtime....if the power stays on, the electricity has been, uh, interesting today - off, on, BRIGHT, dim, off, etc.... Gotta get these kids caught up and rested.

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Simple Answer said...

We've had 3 days of school and I'm exhausted!

Yes, the adjustment to getting to bed at a decent hour after days of fun is hard.