Monday, August 4, 2008

CA family - missing you already

Here are a few more photos that I especially liked, I might have more as I am still sorting:

My nieces Anna and Julia started their grandpa's birthday off right by cooking breakfast - great pancakes!
My sweet nephew William had been saving up hugs for me all year - I was spoiled by all the attention.
Jonny and Honor were usually inseparable - I believe they'd been off on a pretend shopping excursion through the house here, and had arrived to unpack their 'car' - and Dennis was fascinated by what they were doing.
I love this picture - I took it as Dennis crawled over to join the play. Dennis wanted to see what they were taking in and out of the bag (pretend food and other 'shopping'). The bigger kids just made room for him - naturally and without prompting - and let him dig right in to their gathered toys. Very sweet.
Dennis lost interest in his brother and cousin as soon as his Daddy walked in :-)
Annalyn helping in the kitchen - what a beautiful smile!
I was looking through my pictures trying to find one of my sister-in-law and her new son - I guess I never got one!! I take lots of pictures, but I am quite random and disorganized about it. Thank goodness she blogs and I can get a pic!! I love this picture though. Christine in the kitchen, surrounded by kids who are helping to serve up dessert. It is homey, warm and inviting - which is, of course, perfect :-)
I think there will be a keyboard in our future. Honor was determined to play! Thank goodness that her grandma could help her learn a few tunes.
Honor and grandma loved puzzles too.


Christine said...

Great pics Sis! Thanks for sharing! We miss you too. Oh and no one else got sick! :) And no throw-up.

Cairo Mama said...

What a full trip! Have a safe flight home.