Tuesday, August 26, 2008

There was a knock at the door....

... which I opened, and to my surprise, was a new friend with pie. OK, so it wasn't really a knock - it was a new headline on my iGoogle page of favorite blogs. And Simple Answer wasn't really at my door, but her virtual 'visit' was still a very pleasant and welcome surprise. I loved her blog about pie, and other baked goodies, and the use thereof to magically bring a feeling of home and friendship to a new relationship.

I have to admit, I am no good with baked goods. I can be a very good sponsor and friend - I can welcome folks and friends to a new place, show them around, get them all the info they need to get out their on their own, etc. But I haven't yet managed to add actual pie to my repertoire. Or cakes. Or cookies. I enjoy sweet homemade goods but, well, even my family is dessert deprived. My dear husband even has to make his own pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

Perhaps that will change now that I am getting more used to this SAHM business. I do enjoy cooking - and am even quite good with the oven, when it comes to entrees. I enjoy making bread by hand too. I like going to restaurants, trying new dishes, and attempting them later at home. I love to experiment. My husband teases that in 16+ years of marriage he has never had the same meal twice as I cannot follow a recipe to save my life. (I say it's not "cannot", it's "will not"!) As much fun as I have with cooking meals, I have never really gone beyond that into desserts. But I am beginning to consider the possibility.

I have actually (only recently) made a couple of cool birthday cakes. True, I started with mixes, but dragon and pony shapes do not come from regular pans (I have to say, I am still unreasonably proud of myself over those cakes, I was shocked that I was able to manage them at all - both times I had 'back-up' cake mixes at the ready). I stepped out of my comfort zone and succeeded. I have pre-existing confidence based on single recipe for the most awesomely easy (and delicious) banana bread ever - hey, I am from Florida and we had banana trees. When you have banana trees, you have LOTS of bananas. Our mechanic lucked into a loaf of that recently and has texted me as "master baker" - trying to butter me up probably won't work. I told him he was blessed with a rare miracle from my oven and not hold his breath for more, that I'm a cook, not a baker - but now he's asking for leftovers. You know... if he gets our AC going, I might see what I can do.

Ok, my blogging friend! Now you have me thinking of baking. Of pie. So inspired, I will see what I can do to bring this heartwarming concept to a more solid reality. In the meantime, I shall serve up a fresh-baked dish of virtual pie to some of my new and old blog friends:

Smiles and Trials - my dear sister-in-law (extra large pie to share with the whole family)
Mama Seoul - formerly of Cairo, who tempts me to run off to Korea
Earth to Danie - who has been around the world, then around in circles (hearty pie for strength on your new adventure)
Lloyd's Blog - a long time internet friend, we met recently, with a mutual friend in a pub in his dreams. I shall return the favor of a drink with one of virtual pie - some for the whole family.
LuLu's Bay - my fellow Cairene who needs pie.. tamed, with no nuts

May you always be blessed with sweet-as-pie friendships. (And this goes for those not listed too.. :-) )


Christine said...

Thanks Connie. I'd love a piece.

Cairo Typ0 said...

Thanks for the "warm" cairo welcome. :) I have the best excuse of all not to bake - my oven requires matches to get it lit. So barring my blowing the building by accident, i have informed my husband that there will be no baking for the foreseeable future. :)

Lynda said...

Hee heee that is cool.. I like pie - although a 'pie' in Australia involves meat and tomato sauce and a game of footy! LOL