Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is why...

Some days, I miss my old job. I really liked it, and it was tough to quit work as I have worked all of my life, liked what I was doing, loved the people I worked with (and I do miss them!) etc... but I thought that it was taking too much away from our family. After giving it some serious thought, I knew it was time for a change. I know that my becoming a stay at home mom has greatly improved the quality of family time we all have. Brad still comes home at the same time, but now, he walks in to dinner on the table (or almost), kids who have rested if need be, bathed, finished their homework, even had playdates or other after-school activities, and all that is left to be done is have a family meal and together time. It makes our weekends more relaxed and free too.

It is also helpful on days when the kids just 'need a hug'. Better yet, I think that sometimes, my being here helps avert some of those times. I get to do more at the school and see the kids during the day. Yesterday, both kids were very tired and Brian was sort of down and out of sorts all day. I heard about this from a friend who happened to be at the school, so at noon, when Honor's class was released, she and I popped in to see him at lunch. Surprised him in front of his teacher and classmates. He's still young enough to like that!

Today, as I waited by the kindergarten classes with some other moms, waiting for our little ones... this is how Brian greeted me as he passed by on the way to the cafeteria:
Oh yea! I think I made his day, but not as much as he made mine :-) !!! He was still in a very happy mood when he got home too, even though he was exhausted again. Getting through the first full week of the new school routine has been exciting and tiring - it's apparent that a lot of kids (and parents!) are sagging. The heat has been tough too... many people are hopping into this weather straight upon arrival from leave in cooler climates, or upon their new assignment. Getting acclimated can be hard. Tired is ok though, when you are otherwise cheerful!

Honor is enjoying her class and new classmates, but she is also enjoying the one-on-one mommy time when she gets home.
This afternoon, Honor and I made banana bread (with chocolate chips, walnuts, and maraschino cherries). We also read a very sweet book that I'll recommend for any young reader who loves cats, The Bravest Cat: The True Story of Scarlett by Laura Driscoll. Honor loved this true story of a brave mother cat who rescues her kittens from a fire. After the book she got her toy cats and acted out the story, and when Brad got home, she told him the story and had him read it to her again. What a change... used to be, when we would get home from work, all we had time to do was cook, eat, homework, bathe, bed! Hurry hurry hurry!

So yea... on the days I think of my former job and wonder... well, this, a day like today, is why. (and after all the feelgoodedness of today, I even worked up the oomph to get the backlog of despised ironing done before Brad got home!)

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Cairo Mama said...

Vicky is great with ironing...

The bread sounds delicious. Ian and I made muffins last night (inspired by your desire to make banana bread in your previous post). They were just from the Betty Crocker box mix, but they turned out well. The oven runs hot so they were just slightly overdone, but not enough to bother me. Ian remembered this morning because he asked for one as son as he got up.