Saturday, February 20, 2010

57 Random Things

Found here first on Expat Mom’s blog, and traced back to my SIL’s blog, here is a thoughtful little meme – a list of 57 random bits about me...

1. Somebody is BBQ’ing today. My father was an amazing grill master. I miss his BBQ. I want a grill.

2. I miss my dad and wish I could call him and tell him this. This March will be the 6th anniversary of his death.

3. March is the month of my wedding anniversary – 18 years this year.

4. I started a career and life of moving around before I turned 18.

5. I miss my home state of Florida – I miss the weather, the wildlife, and the water. Florida is a magical place.

6. I don’t think I ever want to move back to my home state.

7. I do not know where home is.

8. I do not care that I do not know where home is.

9. One day, I would really like to have a home… with a custom kitchen, lots of bookshelves, room for all sorts of crafting, and a huge garden with flowers, food, and maybe even some critters. But not yet.

10. I find it tough to adjust to each new, randomly assigned, home we find ourselves in, but I always enjoy the challenge.

11. I love to craft, and while I enjoy the finished products, I think it is the process, not the finished product, that I like best. I want more time to craft.

12. Having household staff ‘in my space’ annoys me, and yet I love to have the help. I haven’t hired anyone here yet, but will, to give me more time to do what I want to do – for my family, and for myself.

13. TV annoys me.

14. Except for movies and series on DVD.

15. I could have music playing 24hrs a day, except it interferes with the TV watchers in the house.

16. I also enjoy silence and the sounds of life around me. 

17. I’m Pagan, so the life around me is my church.

18. I wish more people were Pagan, or would at least ‘dabble’ in Paganism, to, perhaps, help them learn to appreciate the life around them, whether it is the land, the water, the animals we share this earth with, or our fellow humans.

19. I wish more people, Pagans included, would keep their spiritual beliefs to themselves and amongst their peers. Really. I believe you believe and am very happy for you. More positive actions please, less words.

20. I like words. The written kind, and love books. Sci-fi, non-fiction, military fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery… just about anything goes.

21. I love that our kids love books. Reading is such an important skill, and love of books feeds that ability like nothing else.

22. I wish I had more abilities. I wish my math were better, or my language skills, or my physical abilities. I need to accept that I do know a lot, and everyone has limitations.

23. My knees are bad, and my lower back goes out – both problems gained from military service. I hate that.

24. I am proud of serving my country, and will always have a soft, teary spot in my heart for veterans and people who serve… for our country, and throughout the world. It’s a tough job, but essential. Thank you!

25. I have been lucky to enjoy most of the work I have ever performed. It was very hard for me to quit to be a stay-at-home-mom.

26. Being a SAHM is the best and hardest job I’ve ever had.

27. My family makes me happy – even when they make me sad, angry, frustrated, worried, etc. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

28. Although I often worry that I am not doing things as well as I should… but I guess that’s normal, and it would be worrisome only if I didn’t have that worry.

29. I have extreme worry, as well as rage, as well as sadness, as well as happiness and giddy positivity. I probably should be medicated, but I like me how I am.

30. Except I think I should lose some weight and exercise more.

31. But I don’t care that I no longer have a 20 year old bikini body – I am no longer 20 years old.

32. I rarely wear heels anymore either. Today I wore moccasins and have happy feet.

33. I also wore a black t-shirt. While un-packing, I discovered that most of my wardrobe is black (or denim). Black is my favorite color. Perhaps I should expand my selection? I probably won’t.

34. I find that I care very little what people think of me, but worry what our kids think of what others might think of me.

35. I still do not want to conform.

36. I do not want our kids to conform.

37. Unless they want to.

38. I want some Rocky Road ice cream.

39. I also want a steak… bloody rare.

40. And while we are at it, a frozen margarita.

41. Later on, I’d like a small glass of good port.

42. My dad liked port, but not the good stuff. The good stuff is so much better. Did I mention how much I miss my dad?

43. My dad was an avid gardener, and this year I hope to teach my kids how to enjoy raising food in our backyard. I wish they could learn from their grandpa.

44. I love to cook, and want to learn to prepare more healthy foods from scratch, teaching my kids as we go.

45. I want to learn how to make more un-healthy foods too, like cookies and cakes and other fun recipes.

46. I don’t like most desserts.

47. Good dark chocolate is bliss.

48. I like quality coffee too. Essential bliss.

49. The spice aisle is my favorite place in the grocery store. Can goods and boxes are boring, meats are messy, and produce areas usually stink.

50. Bakery smells are also a favorite.

51. I hate shopping.

52. Somehow, we still have too much stuff.

53. Clutter drives me bonkers.

54. Clutter-y reminders of the places we have been, of our family, etc. are irreplaceable at making me feel at home. (It’s a delicate balance, and we’re not there yet in this house).

55. My favorite philosophy is about balance, “There is no light, without the darkness”

56. I don’t think I am well balanced, most of the time.

57. I am finally coming to believe and accept that I am not supposed to be balanced and in control all the time, life is not balanced or controlled. I’ll do best to just go with the flow.


Natalie said...

Here's to happy feet, dark chocolate, great coffee, and a woman who knows herself!

Connie said...

Thank you! I am in my mocs again today, and enjoying my coffee... all I need now is the chocolate :D (and earplugs.. there are workers in the house drilling through the concrete wall... ouch!)

Shannon said...

Great list! It makes me feel like I know you just a little bit. I was surprised at how much we have in common. Someday I WILL have my dream house with the gourmet kitchen, books everywhere, a craft room, and a garden. I will be teaching my kids to garden in Malawi this next year. I can hardly wait.

About the mocs, the weird toe shoes in my post last week are called Vibram Five Fingers. My husbands says they are great. When I was researching them before I bought them for husband's birthday I ran across several reviews that claimed wearing them had helped their foot pain and lower back pain. Seems like a lot to ask from a shoe but you never know.

Connie said...

I am thrilled to have even this tiny patch of green to garden here. It's been so long since we've been able to play in the dirt! Dad could just about swing 3 growing seasons in the mild FL. weather, and BBQ season was even longer. We were always outside. While I know my kids gain a lot with the life we lead, I also feel that they're missing out on a physical 'home' experience. One day :)

I have always heard that going barefoot is very healthy for your feet and back. I am a lifelong barefooter. Only after living in places where that was not feasible, did I start to have foot pain. I've read that it has something to do with allowing your foot to move the way it is naturally meant to, rather than the way shoes make it, and also, shoes with too much padding cause your arches to get 'lazy' and weaken. I like my all suede mocs, but it is hard to find sole-less moccasins! Most have a hard rubber sole. If I can't find more, you might see me posting about my own crazy toe shoes :D

Lynda said...

Loved your list.. lots of similar things would be on my list. I can help you out in the baking dept if you like. I have fantastic recipe for making Italian style bread (so easy you wouldn't believe it) and another for making German style Raisin Buns (that the kids adore) Email me if you want them and I will shoot them over to you.

Connie said...

Lynda - I would love to have your recipes! I love fresh bread, and the kids do like raisin bars! Thank you! On my to-do list today is to prep a batch of sourdough starter to bake later this weekend... I've never done this before and I'm really looking forward to it! Another blogger friend (Expat Mom) recently posted about creating a starter from scratch, and I was going to do that, but fate stepped in in the form of a lady at the Embassy who had a starter to share :) I'll have to post about how that works out later!

Expat Mom said...

Ahhh, black. My wardrobe staple, too. I had a roomie once who laughed so hard on laundry day because ALL my clothes were black . . . except the row of brightly colored undies hanging on the line. :)

As for home, I know how you feel, and I've only lived in two countries.

Connie said...

hee hee! Yep! I'm lucky I look good in my favorite color..good thing it's not pale pink, or light yellow. I can't wear those :)

Rebecca said...

Cheers to #38 and #48.