Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hectic, and time flies…

Where has 2010 gone? I mean, I realize we still have a long way to go yet, but it is almost the end of February! Wow… who took my days?

Fortunately, I have some photographic proof of what’s been stealing my time.

We’re still trying to figure out what to do with our stuff, although it is starting to fall into order.


Kids are happy to have their things again.


… and while they still have too much stuff, we’re getting it organized,


and we’re even collecting boxes to hand over to charity – the kids have managed to outgrow a lot of their things over the summer. (We’ll unpack the kittens before giving this stuff away).


In the meantime, what little winter we had…


…that’s sleet falling in the photo up there, really… and the grey hazy stuff on the green, green grass, is the teensiest bit of accumulation, seriously! See, below, icy stuff… cold enough to stick to my t-shirt. (um, yea… it was warm enough to be out without a jacket…) 


anyway… it seems winter has passed. Spring is trying to spring…


This is our almond tree in bloom.


Look close and you may see a couple of bees as well.


As for the roses, they never stopped blooming all winter, and it looks like the geranium are now trying to join them. These white roses have a very sweet scent too.



Tanya said...

Hmm it freaks me out how we manage to always have too much stuff too especially since we only get to bring a couple of boxes each which means we still have a 'houselot' of storage in New Zealand. I too have a love hate relationship with the travel momentos that could also be called dust collecting clutter although now the boys are older I try to confine most of it to photos and original artwork.
PS I bet the kittens will miss 'their' boxes when they are gone!

Connie said...

I would have preferred to thin out our stuff before we moved, but this was the kids' first real move... they were little(!) for the last one. Leaving our old place, old school, friends, losing our elderly cats... that was enough change! We'll work on it now. I also believe that if we own it, we should have it out to use it, not stored away in boxes in the basement. If it is hidden away, esp. with kids' stuff, it will be forgotten - so, if it's that unimportant, best to get rid of it now. The kittens will miss their boxes. I will not miss stacks of boxes being tipped over at 3am! :D

Limningedge said...

Ahh ... the flowers look lovely; and so does the sleet - it has been terribly hot and humid here - more like November weather.

Lydia said...

That's great to have such a swing in temperature. Keeps it from getting too monotonous.