Saturday, February 13, 2010

Not much going on

We have been dealing with strep throat the past week – not too terrible, as yes, it can be(!), but missing school, lacking energy, etc. We didn’t accomplish much last week, and now, the whole weekend has sped on by. We spent a lot of time working on the house yesterday and things are looking so much better. It’s hard to move into a home with less storage, and fewer rooms and closets! It still boggles my mind that there isn’t a single linen closet for sheets and blankets, or a shelf to be had in any of the bathrooms for towels. There is plenty of room for furniture to hold these things but we’re used to built-in storage, so, of course we haven’t got any, and it makes unpacking, well, confusing – where to put this stuff until we have places to put stuff? Thank goodness for sturdy cardboard boxes! I’ve been making temp shelves all over the house. We’re getting there. Our electronic toys have made it safely and the kids have been playing wii again. One antique desktop, that was on its last legs anyway, may be toast… it functions, but barely. Not having an office/craft room/workout room is awkward too. We have space to get all this set up, lots of it, but organizing it is tricky. It’s wonderful to see it all coming together.

Today, the kids made valentine cards for their friends and classmates. They also helped me cut out and frost some yummy heart-shaped cookies to go with the cards. Too bad they were sick last week and had to catch up with all their cards today. They really wanted to take over the whole of the cookie operation – and I would have been happy to let them, my heel was sore and standing was tough – but I had to bake, while they cut, colored, and stickered, their cards. They were both very independent with their work, and big helps when it came to the cookie making. It was fun. No pics as my hands were too messy to touch the camera for most of the day!

Anyway, because I haven’t been posting much lately, let me make it up to you with a video of some naughty kittens…

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Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh that is SO Cute!!! I had no idea there was another kitty behind the curtain until I saw his paw swipe his buddy.

I used to have a kitten that climbed my drapes-- that climbed everything. He was banished to the cruel outdoors when, one day, he leaped almost 6 feet to jump to the top of my bird's cage that was dangling from the ceiling. GRRRR.

Hope the kids recover quickly. Have a good week.