Monday, February 15, 2010

The Copper Age – mystical, otherworldly art for you!


I look forward to every installment of Brynneth N Colvin and Tom Brown’s intriguing webcomic about the town of Hopeless, Maine. I am enthralled with the tale of the runaway orphan Salamandra and her new friend in the Personal Demons story, and cannot wait to follow along as she finds her way through life. Looking forward to page 35!

Bryn’s story-telling is captivating in its own right, but luckily, her words are paired with Tom’s magical artwork, and now the image above, of the two girls contemplating their future, is available as a free download for decorating your desktop. Click here, the wallpaper of the image is currently the first one in the Copper Age gallery (I just linked to the gallery so you can enjoy more than one of Tom’s pictures!).


Julia said...

i like itfrom Rachel

Connie said...

Me too Rachel! I am not used to having to wait to read the next bit of a story I am enjoying, but each week I look forward to what happens next, and also, to see the new artwork!