Sunday, February 7, 2010

Are YOU Awake?!

I thought I was. I mean, I started off a little slow this morning. I hit the snooze button one too many times, and then, instead of getting up and hustling a bit to catch up, I stumbled around distractedly. I did manage to get the kids up, aimed in the direction of warm clothes (it was 32F here this morning – cold for us!), and directed to get done what needed to be done for the first school day of the week. That’s a proper start. As I made my way back to our room to get myself ready, I realized that there was no way I’d manage a shower in a reasonable length of time. I had a later shower yesterday, and wasn’t feeling too grungy, so I decided to wait. I dressed warmly myself, got the kids packed, fed, and on the bus. I straightened up beds, gathered laundry, etc. Routine morning stuff. I was even functional and alert when people showed up to do some work on the house this morning.

I thought I was awake.

Finally, I got a quiet moment and decided to have a shower… which I probably didn’t need, but we’re still going through boxes and kicking up dust, you know how it goes, so to clear my sinuses more than anything, I thought some hot water sounded refreshing.

Well, silly me, I left the bathroom door ajar, knowing full well the kittens were in psycho mode – which any cat owner can tell you, happens 2-3 times a day, usually followed by ‘nap mode’ and is randomly interspersed with food times and ‘normal play mode’ and cuddle events. But, this was, literally, psycho time…


Pumpkin and Ninja spent a few minutes at the end of my tub, seeming to seriously consider joining me in the shower… I mean, I’m not allowed to bathe them without some horrible feline language being used, but I suppose volunteer washings might be acceptable. They backed out of it this time though, and left.

… or so I thought.

No. Pumpkin, silently and out of my sight, got up on the sink, and took a flying leap at my shoulder through the shower curtain. Can you say…


Yea… I about jumped nekkid out the window. Fortunately, Pumpkin didn’t have his claws out. He did a Ninja – he jumped, hit my shoulder, and bounced back to the sink… three times! The second time, he fell into the tub and got fairly soaked… and, silly me… I thought that was the end of the game because he hates wet… so I guess that is why the 3rd attack surprised me almost as much as the first.

I am fully awake now. No doubts.

And speaking of my little psycho-kitty, he is curled up in my lap, looking all sweet and innocent.. and OMG! Pumpkin?! Did you just fart… ack!

And it’s only noon… how’s your day going?!?


Veronica said...

I really laughed at this post.
I am only now getting back my balance with my eyes closed, so I probably would have fallen out of the shower, which probably would have not been too funny at all, considering.

Rebecca said...

Wow. And I thought MY life was crazy.


Ninja cats. Whoa.

Lynda said...

Holy moly... I would be awake after that! Freaky Cat! LOL

Connie said...

Rebecca - with cats, and kids, our lives are full of laughter and love! :D (and craziness)!

Veronica - best keep your door closed even if you think you have no ninjas, you never know they are there ;) We want to keep you improving!

Connie said...

Lynda - The worst part was, I was home alone... so first, my yelps of surprise echo out of the shower, followed by hysterical laughter.. my neighbors know hubby is at work and kids in school... I can only imagine what they think of me. Maybe I should start leaving the TV on for cover?

SeeThroughGreen said...

LOL!! I remember having cats!! they are the most insane skitzo creatures alive but I love them to death!!! Im just glad my 80 lb dog dosnt do that or I would probably be dead lol!

Julia said...

the post lookes really scary.weall miss you. love Rachel