Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Girl and her Ninja

Honor and Ninja Cat have a special bond. All three kitties are sweet and loving, but Ninja and Honor are close. Ninja usually sleeps with Honor, helps to wake her up in the morning, ‘helps’ with dressing and getting ready, and often comes looking for me in the afternoon, meowing questions as if to ask whether or not the school bus is here yet. Coming home from school time, is an exciting time! She’s a big ‘help’ with homework too.

Ninja LOVES all of Honor’s little toys. We often hear “Ninja! Bring that back! It’s mine!” drifting across the house from where-ever they are playing. Fortunately, Ninja is good about returning toys to where she finds them.

Honor is Ninja’s favorite ‘big cat’ and she plays and wrestles with Honor just like one of her siblings.


Ninja doesn’t like to be picked up – sorta how Ramses was. I guess some cats are ‘up’ cats and some aren’t. Like Ramses, she loves to be loved on and to snuggle, but do not pick her up and carry her around… unless you are Honor. If Honor picks her up, Ninja will either tuck her head onto Honor’s shoulder and cuddle, or will curl into a ball, holding her tail in both paws, and nibble at the tip. Too cute! I haven’t got a good photo of her doing it, yet, but here’s one with her curled up contentedly, trying to catch her tail for nibbling.


Sometimes, either because Ninja was off somewhere else, busy or asleep, and Honor just happened to shut her door with Ninja on the wrong side, or, if Ninja gets a bit too demanding and Honor puts her out, I’ll come down the hall and find a sad little kitten standing at Honor’s door. Sometimes she’ll just sit there quietly and patiently, waiting until Honor comes out, but sometimes she’ll start meowing to be let in, and will do so until someone opens the door for her! (even when she is bugged by her big brother, she stays focused on Honor!)

They really adore each other, and Honor is very patient with Ninja’s attack snuggles.


I think it is so very good for kids to have pets to love, and to be loved by.


DRB said...

I agree, kids should have pets to love (and to be responsible for).

Never boring with playful kitties around!

Mama Seoul said...

Very sweet!