Monday, February 13, 2012

A Note to the Cats

Dear Kitties that I Adore,

I just wanted to let you know that this thing you are sitting on, it is my quilt… not a finished quilt, but the quilting project that I am working on. Or, you know, trying to. It is very difficult to sew neat stitches when you grab for my needle and pull on my thread.

Trust me when I say that you really do not want to catch this needle.

One thing to note – this big wooden hoop thing is for holding my project. It is NOT for biting, pouncing on, or hiding underneath.


Ok, maybe it can be for hiding underneath, if you promise to lay still on my lap and not grab at my hands with your pointy little paws! Especially, as the kids tell me how peaceful you look under there. The light coming through the cloth looks like a stained glass window up above.

(photo with no flash this time – kids thought the effect was neat..)


However, you may NOT use this hoop and cloth as a fort to defend. Calling your siblings to come attack, so you can defend from within, is not my idea of fun. It is not the kind of activity I want happening on my lap. I own no jeans of the sufficient armor level that can withstand this sort of play.

If you need some attention, you can hang out with me while I craft.


If you need ALL of the attention, let me know, I can manage that too.


I’m glad that you really, REAAALLY like this quilt project and with a little more cooperation on your part, I will get it done sooner so that you can enjoy it more freely, but you need to pay attention to the above guidelines, a little more strictly.

Oh… and quit eating my paper stencils… I sort of need those…