Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blankets and Beds

Making up a bed is different when you have cats. You will have lumps.








Ninja still loves the granny square crochet afghan I made.


I love how she sits on arm chairs!

DSC02488 It’s almost as cute as when she sleeps face down… this is a sign of  a tired cat!



Honor’s Birthday!

I’m behind on sharing birthday photos! I’ve been a little slow on blogging a bunch of things this year – but sometimes it’s just like that. Brian turned 11 this year and Honor 9. I can’t believe it! Measured both in January, on Brian’s birthday, and again in April and they both gained an inch in height over those three months. At least we’ve made it to the hot months so I don’t have to worry about buying any more jeans and sweat pants!  

Honor had a friend over to celebrate her birthday with her and they made a great fort. Ninja approved.


Honor’s cake turned out wonderful… the texture of the frosting was a bit of a failure, but it tasted great!


Honor had asked for me to ‘make her a bunch of things’ for her dolls, so I crocheted like crazy! Honor joked that this dress doesn’t fit her.


It’s almost impossible to find doll patterns on the internet, so I just looked for crochet patterns for babies. Newborn and preemie sizes work for most dolls. 0-3 months is good for bigger dolls.

This dress pattern was rather plain… I spiced it up by using sunflower colors and adding a flower to the front.




The hat (above) and the little outfit (below)  isn’t a pattern. I simply made it up as I went and it turned out cute!DSC02613

Brian told me that he wanted Honor to have a doll for her dolls and asked me to make her a Siamese cat with a doll-sized leash.



Grandma and Grandpa sent some fun presents to Honor as well.



Ninja loves boxes and packages!






Ninja also approves of the blankie Grandma made :)


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Driving Around in my Automobile…

I was going through my recent photos and found a bunch of random driving photos, so whatcha waiting for? Let’s take a random spin around Amman…

Honor took some photos on the way to her friend’s house.

2012-02-03 15.24.21

2012-02-03 15.24.33

2012-02-03 15.24.43

When the sign says ‘road ends’, you’d best pay attention…

2012-02-03 15.25.08

2012-02-03 15.26.11

Other random shots in north Amman

2012-02-03 16.37.38

2012-02-03 16.38.38

Not very clear, but we like the clouds.

2012-02-03 16.44.23

And one of these days we’re going to manage to get a clear shot of the UFO embedded into the front of City Mall…

2012-02-03 16.43.31

Not the YMCA, but close…

2012-03-14 09.00.08

Speaking of driving, I recently taught Honor how to start the truck. Yea, she likes it! I had given her the keys on this particular morning and just told her to ‘go drive daddy to work’!

2012-04-10 08.59.59

Here’s a photo showing a grassy valley… this area is usually a brown dust pit, but with all the rain this winter it has turned a scrumptious lush green! The whole city has! And isn’t the sky the most magnificent blue?? Amman can really do blue sky right! There are, no doubt, some very content sheep and goat roaming around this Spring.

2012-04-10 17.39.37

Those ‘How’s My Driving’ signs are all over the world…

2012-04-18 11.28.39

Here are a few photos of yesterday’s sandstorm. We didn’t get it as bad as Cairo, but that little white spot in the sky? That’s the sun, and all that grey stuff … not clouds or fog!

2012-04-18 17.29.30

2012-04-18 17.29.40

2012-04-18 17.36.07

2012-04-18 17.37.44

This morning the sky is dark again, and it’s COLD! 50F! Rain isn’t forecast, but big fluffy, dark clouds have been blowing through since early morning. Brrr!

2012-04-19 09.13.59

2012-04-19 09.14.12

2012-04-19 09.22.26

2012-04-19 09.25.36

2012-04-19 09.26.56

ah… and here is a good sign. Tacos! Texmex is so hard to come by outside the US… you know this caught our eye! The logo? A picture is worth a thousand words! Yes, it is. Mmm!

2012-04-19 09.14.40

A drive around Amman would not be complete without admiring the flags. I absolutely love how they have flags flying in every circle and elsewhere too. It’s so colorful, patriotic and brilliant! Often they’ll fly the flags of countries who have visiting dignitaries here , but always the flag of Jordan.

2012-04-19 09.26.26