Sunday, May 30, 2010

Well, that explains a lot…

After years now of decreasing energy and slowing metabolism, I reached a point where I was more tired more than alert, and even extra naps were not helping. A couple years back, I took a thyroid test and it came back normal. Apparently this happens often. I also had blood tests at the time showing that I was anemic, so I started taking vitamins… I’m at a good age to make sure that happens anyway, why not give that a try? Well, it didn’t help… although my iron levels are much better! I was still dealing with fatigue and a few other symptoms, not to mention a family history, that suggested I was facing thyroid issues, so I went to the doctor again.

I had more blood tests done, and again, the basic thyroid (TSH) was normal, at least according to the lab (and please, check out the web site link above – even if you aren’t interested in the TSH test… it’s a great site that explains all kinds of lab tests!). Here is a little important(!) tidbit of information that I found all over the web, that you might want to keep in mind if you ever find yourself worried about this: At most labs in the U.S., up until late 2002, the normal reference range for TSH is from around 0.5 to 5.5. That range changed to .3 to 3 as of early 2003. Guess what? Most labs still use the older range. Yea… .5 to 5.5. I was under 4.5, but above 3, so I was ‘borderline’… which is fine by me… actually, I’d rather NOT have any issues, I’d rather be closer to normal than not(!), but this meant more blood tests. There are additional thyroid function tests to take, and yet the one that caught my doctor’s attention, was a repeat of the same one. In a single week, it jumped significantly – not super high, but much higher than it was. Lesson learned… do NOT stop with a single TSH test. If you have suspicious symptoms, esp. if there’s a family history, ask for additional tests! Here are a couple of good article to get you started, if you are curious:


My doctor sent me to see a local specialist (who I was quite impressed with, although I won’t mention her name here… if you are in the area and in need, send me an email. The lab I used is called Biolab – they are wonderful, and they have at least two branches in the area.) and while the doctor agreed I was borderline, she was also concerned. All my other tests have been very good. I even had a full physical last summer. Something was obviously going on. She did an ultrasound of my thyroid – which was clear – and ordered more blood tests, including blood sugar, liver and kidney function, more in-depth iron retention studies, and vitamin levels. Everything was great, except the vitamin D, and calcium… both were a shock. How could they be so low? My diet is balanced. I take good vitamins. I spend time outdoors. What’s up? Well… apparently when the thyroid is messed up, it messes up these two levels too.. and/or vice versa… low calcium and vitamin D mean the thyroid gets off balance trying to compensate. I am getting a very good, and interesting, lesson in human chemistry!

Anyway, I am now on thyroid meds, calcium supplements, and will be on Vitamin D supplements as soon as my order from the Vitamin Shoppe arrives. I think it is making a difference already. I hope that I can stay on a very low dose of thyroid meds, maybe even come off of them if things level out… I’m still learning about this. At any rate, it’s good to know this might be the explanation I’ve been looking for. I am tired of being tired.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

One of the challenges


I’ll be one of the first to admit that English is one of the most messed up languages in the world – which is probably why it is so prevalent. Despite the difficulties, it is so flexible that anyone can use it. Close enough is usually good enough! However, it can make it tricky when you are actually looking for something.

I needed corn starch, and looked all over my favorite grocery store for it. It wasn’t with the flour or sugar. It wasn’t with the cakes or other mixes. It wasn’t in the spice aisle. I finally found it on a lower shelf, near the food colorings and flavorings (which were close to the cereals and jams and such, not the baking goods). I almost didn’t see it because it was so close to the floor, the photo didn’t grab my eye (dessert, which is applicable but had nothing to do with the corn, which I was mentally focusing on) and the spelling nearly threw me. Next to this, I saw several other brands… including one with a font that looked as if it were dripping with white blood. I chose this brand because it ‘won’ – it caught my eye. 

One point for Flavor Mills and their Strach, and one point for me for finding yet another kitchen need. Next on the scavenger hunt list: Cream of tartar! Apparently it exists here, but not where I’ve looked.

Also – check out this website on herbs. This is an awesome website!! I went to a garden shop to get some mint (na’na’ in Arabic) to grow in my garden, and the shopkeeper offered other herbs too. I could recognize the look and smell of oregano – my nose was all stuffed up, but it is strong. They called it za’tar, which I know is a common name for oregano, even though za’tar is actually a mix of herbs and spices. They also offered another plant that looked, to me, like sage, but I couldn’t smell it at the time. They called it Marimiyah. I got some even though I wasn’t sure what it was, because… well, why not? I like herbs! I looked it up on this website – which you can search in English and many other languages – and yes, it was indeed sage.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Of course, if you have pets, you know that many things that you, or they, own are toys…. fake fur rats, jingle balls, cardboard boxes, laser pointers, siblings, toes, tails, etc. Later, you learn that other things are also toys. Things that you may not have known were toys.

Red radish

Radishes – I stopped at the produce stand yesterday and brought home a huge pile of lovely goodies. Got home, filled the sink, and started to wash. The fresh smelling foods attracted Ninja, and she hopped up on the counter to watch me closely. Next thing I know, she was fishing for radishes. She hooked one with a claw, brought it to her mouth, and ran off with it. I thought about taking it away, but she was so proud of her ‘catch’ that I let her keep it. All 3 cats played with it, and chewed on it, for the rest of the evening. (I got it back eventually and threw it away!) Mmm! Smelly veggies!

Socks – yes, Ninja is STILL a sock maniac.

Laundry baskets – must be played in. MUST. There is no want, it’s a need. Empty or full, if you have a laundry basket, a cat HAS to play in it.  The girls will wait by the door for me when I come up from the laundry room in order to hop in the basket as soon as they possibly can.

Washcloths, sponges, metallic scrubby thingys – Ninja and Pixie steal these things… usually wet. I have no idea why, but it is funny sometimes to watch them grab a dripping cloth out of the sink and drop it on an unsuspecting sibling below the counter. Hard to wash dishes though, when they’ll run off with what I am using as I am trying to use it! I think they surprised the maid yesterday by stealing her dustcloth.

Kitchen sink basket strainer – yea… one of these things:

 KOH-K-8803-CP_dt You would not believe how often I have to go find mine. They undo the drain plugs in the bathroom sinks and bidets as well as remove the covers on the floor drains (tossing aside all throw rugs to get to them if needed).

Mops and brooms – they are learning, finally, but for the longest time, any mop and/or broom was a challenger to be conquered. Nevermind, if the mop is soaking wet, or that they occasionally get their noses bonked by attacking the broom as I sweep (and not expecting a cat nose to appear suddenly). The mop and the broom are enemies in need of assault. I think they are giving up on it now though, because when they attack the broom when I leave it leaning against the wall… well, sometimes it attacks back, and that’s scary.

Evil eye ward – Teach me to hang this little souvenir from Cairo in my kitchen. Same goes for the crystals I have hanging in the window, and the pull cords on the ceiling fans. Anything that dangles is definitely a cat toy.


Fake flowers – When Honor was three, she and I had to travel alone to the US for some medical appointments. We stayed in a wonderful extended stay hotel (with Marriott Execustay – highly recommended) which was, fortunately, located right up the road from a great little Chinese restaurant. The walls of the place were pink, and every table had a vase with silk flowers – little girl heaven. The food was also delicious and the staff quickly learned Honor loved grapes, so she always had a bowl, whether they were on the buffet or not. Before we returned overseas, we stopped in a JoAnn’s Crafts store to get some supplies and oh boy(!), guess who saw the flowers? I took her to the sale bin, and let her grab an armload! They really are a great idea for a little girl’s pretend play… and they hold up to abuse surprisingly well. Good thing, as the cats are now abusing them…

Straws – We are now in blender season. Alcoholic, fruity, yogurt-y, or whatever, icy drinks need straws. Pixie has this obsession with straws. Pixie needs straws. You’ve been warned; watch your drink!

Beanie Babies – Ninja has a maternal instinct and loves babies. Especially kitten babies, with the Ty animals being just the right size… but she runs off with other critters too.

Homework – Yes, the cat really will eat your homework. (Fortunately, Honor’s teacher is understanding.)

Vitamins – must not be set down or Pixie will steal them. We’re not sure if she’ll eat them, we get them back asap, but she WANTS them.

Balls – Cat toys, tennis balls, plastic practice golf balls, balloons, plastic easter eggs, real eggs… Pumpkin loves soccer. He will bring a ball and put it in your hand if that’s what it takes to get you to play. He won’t fetch anything else, but he will play ball.

Pipe cleaners – must be kept hidden in the arts and crafts cabinets. All pipe cleaners not so hidden will be stolen, mangled, growled over, and eventually left in the water dish.

Basically, if it can be played with, it will be played with, or on, or under, or around…

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baby doll

Poor Honor knocked out her loose tooth yesterday. It was more than ready to come out, but it was an unpleasant surprise anyway, and bled quite a lot as she bumped it in the bath and may have cut her gum a little. She handled it very well, at first. She got out of her bath, called me in, handed me the tooth, told me “Mom, I think we should call Daddy too.” (a 2-parent alarm!). Brad came in too, and we both helped her clean out her mouth. Then she got a bit teary and upset… it did bleed a lot, and she had wanted to pull it herself, who could blame her? So I comforted her as girls should be comforted… by dressing her up in a pretty flowery galebeya, a multicolor manicure, and new hairstyle! With ruffles, lace, and curls! She looked just like a pretty little doll … although the missing tooth added a mischievous tone!


This morning, she is back to normal. Kids camped out on the living room sofas, and got up early to play computer. Honor has been making a family to play in Sim2, and Brian is playing Chessmaster 9000. Lucky kids are off school today for an admin day, but I’ve got work to do, and Brad’s at the office like normal. Looks like a nice, quiet day at home – which is probably a good thing, I think it’s forecast to be a hot one today.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Look Under Pellow


I LOVE looking under my ‘pellow’! I get post it notes and cards on my bed with this note quite often, and when I look under my pillow, it never fails, I have a love note from my daughter. It used to be the kids would leave little toys and whatnot on my bedside table. Items for me to see and appreciate before I went to bed, or, if they got up first, when I woke up. Offerings upon the altar of mom. I will sometimes still find a little stuffed animal on my table, or a doll sleeping under the covers, but it’s the notes I look forward to. Brian is not into the love notes and such… he’s more apt to use his words (and he does, often) and give random attack hugs. He’s a very sweet young man to his mom! But Honor writes me all sorts of letters.

This is a note I got the night we stopped for a cupcake treat after we picked Brad up from work. A note on a cupcake drawing. I love how Honor labels her pictures: “paper” “cupcake” “cherry”


“Dear mom Thank you for muffin day. Thank you very much. Now, on (the) cupcake, I’m going to write a po(e)m: Cupcakes, cupcakes, everybody likes cupcakes. Cupcakes, cupcakes, Ev(e)ry! Body! likes! cupcakes! Your(e) the best mom in the world. Please write back and put in mailbox. remember, always look under your pellow!!!!!”

Lately she’s been putting prices on her art in case we want to buy it… I lose all my change this way… She’ll often price them at 3-5JD (dinars) but will let them go for a coin or two. She started to price this one at either 3 quarters or 3 qirsh, but decided I could have it for free!


Here’s my Mother’s Day card. She put it under my pillow in a decorated envelope. One side:


She uses the triangle exclamation marks all the time now because Brian told her they were cool. Front of my card:


And the inside. Apparently, I rock, and wear tall hats!

DSC06689 And what do I feel about all this? There’s a note for it:  DSC06690

All those kids looking out for what the tooth fairy might bring? Pfft! They can’t beat what I find! So…


I will!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Internet effect on developing brains

We let our kids use the computers, a lot. Not so much with the PS games, we don’t own an xbox, and although we do have a wii, it is the PC that we turn them loose on most often – supervised – but loose. There’s much to be learned. Reading is a HUGE incentive. There truly is a lot of reading required for them to be able to play the games they like. Brian’s latest game is a Rise of Nations game, based on the history of WWII. I am not sure how accurate the details are, but he’s getting a feel for the history, as part of ‘play’.

Brian read for most of this weekend because he found some fun stuff online at He read “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” as well as other stories, and now he’s asking for the books in the Wimpy Kid series. There are also math and English games… yes, games about school stuff, levels based on grades, that the kids play, for fun. Check it out, it’s free.

And I like that the kids are able gain an interest in and listen to, all sorts of music. True, they prefer rock music and the high energy dance stuff,  but they are learning to appreciate other genres, and they get it from the strangest of sources. Lately, to my utter delight, Honor is going around the house singing the music to this video… the video is … interesting/funny/dark …  I suggest watching the video below if you just want to hear the music as it was intended. Honor doesn’t know the Russian lyrics, but she’s got the music down very well. btw - NO, I do NOT let the kids explore that website – the contents are too crude and tasteless for their ages (not the video linked above, but the site in general, you have been warned). Every so often the creator will come out with something fairly cool, and, after I check it out, I’ll make an exception. made the classic Viking Kittens, as well as “The Frightened Boy”.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nabil Foods and other goods

I feel like it’s time for a random expat public service announcement about food, because, well, I like food and happen to be thinking about it.

I’ve mentioned it before, but it is just so darned important that I’m going to repeat it. Crème Fraiche Epaisse – for the non-French speaking types (like me), is sour cream, or maybe a thick sour cream. Whatever. It’s sour cream. If you do not like sour cream, or live in the US where there are whole dairy aisles devoted to this essential delight, then this is meaningless to you, but for those who love/need it, this is vital information!

Kiri – a local variety of cream cheese. It’s pretty good, albeit a bit softer than brands I am used to. Good info to have – you’d believe me if you were to compare the prices of the import stuff to the kiri brand! Kids love it too.

Himbeer – German for raspberry, when strawberry preserves will just not do.

Smart chips and Salsa – we do not eat a lot of chips as snack food, we’re popcorn people, but sometimes we have a craving for them. We’ve tried some of the Smart brand tortilla type chips – no plain ones, like Tostitos, but flavored, nacho cheese or salsa, like Doritos. They are light, crisp, and have no additives or preservatives. The salsa we tried had a very good flavor as well. This is a new find for us, so we’re still forming an opinion, but so far we like it.

One of my favorite local brands – Nabil Food Products . As much as I prefer to cook from scratch, sometimes it is very handy to have ‘ready to go’ foods in the freezer. BUT, there is no reason why these convenience foods have to be full of junk. Here are a few of the Nabil products that we’ve tried.

beef meatballs – beef meat, onion salt, black pepper

Yep, that’s it. No filler, no unpronounceable chemical things. They do not have much spice… salt, pepper, onion…  but I make a simple tomato or bbq sauce and the kids LOVE them.

chicken fillet – chicken fillet, wheat flour, breadcrumbs, corn starch, corn oil, salt

They have other chicken products, like nuggets (which look like processed/pressed nuggets like you’d find at McD’s or anywhere…), but the fillet (and the spicy fillet) is our favorite. It is simply a nice chunk of very good chicken breast meat, lightly breaded. We heat it in the oven. It does not taste or feel greasy, and the meat is moist and tender.

cheese sambousik – halloumi cheese from fresh milk, food starter culture, wheat flour, salt

I admit, I had to look up the food starter culture, but it seems that is what turns the milk to cheese.

beef sambousik – minced beef, onion, wheat flour, black pepper, sugar, salt and water.

Both variety of sambousik require deep frying, which I despise in general, but we decided to try these appetizers… food wrapped in bread is always a big hit. Fried food can be tasty, and a recent article on the CNN website debunked the “Fried foods are always fatty” myth (with an explanation of how frying works, and that proper frying techniques aren’t as bad we think. A very interesting article, btw…), but I hate the smell and mess of hot oil. It keeps our consumption of home fried foods to a bare minimum – I might fry once every 2-3 months. The verdict, both were good. Cheese was the best, especially a big hit with the kids.

We have also tried their chicken tandoori, which are boneless, skinless pieces (pieces, not processed and pressed chunks) of chicken, marinated in tandoori spices, prepared by baking. Oddly enough, the kids thought it was spicy, while Brad and I thought it was terribly bland. It’s worth recommending for the quality meat – it was tender and juicy and it baked well according to the instructions. You’d just have to discover if the spices were to your liking or not. 

Basically, the chicken fillets and meatballs have become permanent residents of my freezer – great to have on hand when I need something fast. They are consistently yummy, and do not give me that ‘omigawd, I am feeding my kids junk!’ guilty feeling. The other stuff, is not quite our type of food, but the quality is good enough to tempt me to try a few other Nabil meats.

I found this Expo advert:

“Since 1945, we at Al Nabil Co. for Food Products are specialized in manufacturing a wide range of chilled cold cuts and frozen food including (beef, lamb, chicken, fish, vegetarian and pastry) for the catering and retail market sector. Recently we started to produce different kind of western desserts such as muffin, English cake & ready meals (Heat & Eat). All our products are Halal and manufactured in accordance to the international standards and specifications, Al Nabil Company has acquired different of international certificates for its products such as quality management system (ISO 9001: 2000), food safety system (ISO 22000:2005), European Food Safety Inspection Service (EFSIS) and Jordan quality mark (JQM).

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cat Physics

So, I wake up early in the morning, sit groggily on the side of the bed a moment, and look down at the carpet. I see footprints on the carpet, toes pointed toward the bed, out from the wall. What the…? Do they really walk through walls? Seems I have proof.


I have also discovered the unique effect that closed doors have on cats (it may apply to dogs, and it also affects children, but this is a study about cats). If a door remains closed for too long a period of time, a cat-specific pressure begins to build. At first, the pressure pulls the cats to the outside of the door and causes them to emit loud noises. If you wait a bit longer, allowing the pressure to build, then open the door, all cats in the vicinity will be sucked through the door to ricochet loudly around the formerly closed up room, until the pressure equalizes again.

Gravity only applies to cats if there is no place to sit on up high, otherwise, any potential ‘up’ place will prove an irresistible force and the cat MUST get there, or possibly, explode. Pixie is the most susceptible to this force, but once she succumbs, all three are drawn upward.

DSC06613  DSC06610

Ninja LOVES Honor’s silk flower collection.



And another law of cat physics – if it can be played in, it will be played in.


So, now you know.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


“It’s not my favorite, but…” what my kids tend to say instead of whining “I haaaate this! It’s yucky!” They are great at trying new foods, but I sometimes think they set their prejudices based on what they’ve stated their favorites to be. They will be slower to admit that they actually like something that is on the other’s favorites ‘list’. They are quick to trade with each other too – Brian gives Honor all the pineapple off his Hawaiian pizza. Honor, who loves all broccoli, will trade Brian and give him his preferred pieces (the ‘trees’, not the stems). His and her foods.

Pleases and Thank you’s happen quite regularly. Without prompting. And with each other, not just adults who would more likely expect it. I like that they are usually courteous with one another. Sometimes without even noticing. I tell Honor she can have a treat, and without asking, she’ll grab one for her brother too .

Brian made a creature on Spore for Honor. A cute little ducky warrior. She loved it. She probably asks her brother for computer help more than anyone else. Brian is always eager to help her too.

Honor decorated the table the other day and made Brian a placemat with a mythological creature that she made up for him because she knows he loves them.

“Brian likes this…” or “This is Honor’s favorite.” are often heard in this house. I love it. Both are interested in each other’s reading, art work, each other’s homework, etc.

I believe that I’ve mentioned on my blog before, that I always knew that I’d love our children, and assumed they’d love each other too, but it was quite amazing to see it actually happen. Of course, I’d be lying to say that they do not argue or ever get mean with each other. They are kids and work hard to get on each other’s nerves, just like any other kids, but in general, they are very sweet to each other.

Brian will often forget that Honor is not in his grade and will expect a bit too much from her … she really is a super (scary) smart girl (like her brother – yes, I am biased, but I believe it), but unless you’ve studied and learned something, you do not necessarily know the facts. Sometimes Brian goes the other way though, and tries to do too much to help his sister – which drives Miss Independence batty. He will also sometimes forget that she’s her own person, not his pet little sister…or if she is, he needs to remember that she’s a cat… she won’t always jump through his hoops or otherwise do as she’s told.

Honor is guilty of almost the same things. Rather than see her brother as a pet though, she often tries to be his mom. Yesterday, Brian came up to me to talk, and Honor walks in with “Have you finished your homework yet? Why aren’t you at the table?” While Brian taking an instructor role with her can bug her to no end, she, contrarily, often demands that he do just so. She also wants him to do what she wants him to do, when she wants it, and she expects him to read her mind when she’s annoyed with him.

I find myself repeating: “Help her only if she WANTS help, ask first!” or “Don’t assume he meant to make you mad, ask! Use your words.”

I have to remind them to use nice words and tone of voice. They both have strong tempers… Brian’s is a cold smoldering burn, Honor’s is a hot fiery explosion. Both had tantrums when they were very young – completely out of control, raging furies. Usually, if they could quickly agree to time out and take some cool down time, they’d be fine, but if they got to a certain point, they’d melt-down, no stopping it. Most people we knew at the time did not believe me, or thought I was exaggerating, when I told them this because the kids would otherwise be sweet and behaved, but a few witnessed these fits – they know. I honestly believe that they were caused by the utter frustration of not being able to properly express themselves or their needs. Still, tantrums meant a nap, bed time, or time out. Being upset, even very angry, was ok with us, throwing a tantrum was not. Both kids tend to be very strongly and emotionally passionate, which is generally a very good thing, but I am so happy that we’ve reached an age of reason… and that they each have such different wants and needs! I can’t imagine how we’d survive if they both wanted and needed the same things in life!  I still have to remind them that it’s quite ok to get angry and to be mad at each other, because they will get mad at each other, that’s life, but it’s what you do with your mad that matters. They handle it pretty well these days. The whole headstrong and competitive traits of the Aries and Capricorn zodiac signs… oh yes, so much truth there. On a genetic level.

Speaking of competitive. Everything is faster, first, bigger, most. I don’t get it. Why?! I don’t see the point of it?! But anything that can be counted or measured or in any way contested – will be. Fortunately, for all of us, most things they want do not overlap. They have different interests, so what they want to be ‘the best’ in is often not the same thing as what their sibling wants. Sometimes they do clash, but sometimes it’s simply fun to watch how they actually help each other succeed. They compete, but they are also each other’s biggest fan.

Not sure what this post is actually about – I was doing some house cleaning and looking around at their toys, papers,drawings, and whatnot and it made me think of how much I like to watch our kids together. I love to watch how they grow and learn. The good, the bad, the silly and the difficult. Most of it is all good. We ended up with a good set of kidlings, and I am happy and proud to be their mom.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The temps are still a little cool at times, but Spring is in the garden, if not always in the air. The roses are flowering like mad, the daisies are blooming by the hundreds (not sure what they are actually, but they look like daisies), the ivy has greened up again, and the bougainvilleas are a mass of lovely fuchsia. The almond tree is covered in green nuts – which are a local treat, I never knew they could be eaten green! – and there’s another fruit tree with small green fruits, possibly an apricot, but I am not sure. I am truly thrilled to live in a place with a well-cared for established garden! What luck!

Most of the planters are quite full, and we may not add to them. Instead, I may be investing in some nice pots and planters as we definitely have room for them on the patios. We also have a built-in planter box on the balcony that the kids and I have turned into a little gardening project. We started out with a weedy mess that hadn’t been cared for in forever.


We started it, but the gardener helped finish clearing it out – it was tough!


We divided it into sections, and I turned the kids loose with seeds. Brian has the closest section, Honor the middle, and they let me have the bit on the end under the grape vine. Goodness knows what will come up. Zinnias, marigolds, radishes, parsley, sweet peas… I just let them do whatever they wanted. No telling what the soil will be good for. I’m hoping to have this random garden improve the soil some this year, and next year we’ll mix in more dirt and compost, and might try being more organized.

Here are some photos of the flowers in the back garden.



We love this view from our small sitting room and kitchen, and as it warms up, we are spending more time out on the patio.


There are 13 or 14 well-established rose bushes in the garden which bloom furiously – and these aren’t the boring unscented hybrids, they each have a lovely perfume. 


The daisy bushes, or whatever they are, are bright and cheerful.


Our new herbs in boxes. We’ve got mint (na’na’), oregano (zatar), and something that is either marjoram or thyme.

DSC06555  DSC06558

I love the planter boxes on the wall, and the green ivy! The greenery and geraniums are hardy, and do not need much water. Bougainvillea is very tough too. Good for the summers here, when water is in scarce supply.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Up close

Honor, Miss Junior Photographer of the household, loves playing with the camera. I can’t even imagine being allowed to run wild with my dad’s good camera when I was a kid, but cameras are much more user friendly than they once were, and it doesn’t cost as much when you take digital photos vs. film. This is a hobby I am happy to allow our little 7yo explore. We’re not training her… how? I’m not trained! But she practices, and lately has been interested in close-up shots of the cats. I think she got some good ones!

Here’s Pixie…


I love this shot! Such sweet pink toes and nose, and the sun is so soft on her fur.


And Ninja, with her very orange-red markings…


Too bad this one turned out blurry. This is a perfect example of why I’ve learned to be a great one-handed typist.


This one is not a close up, but it is about closeness.


I think Honor does a great job with her photos!