Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Brr! Time for some cold fun! School’s Out! (but work was in. Boo.)

At almost 6am this morning, I got a text from the kids’ school giving notice of a 2 hour delay. I reset my alarm and went back to sleep. A while later we got further notice that school was canceled. Our county was on the ball. Apparently school SHOULD have been canceled all over the DC area today! I think most everything should have been closed. Brad had to go in to work and his usual 35-40 minute commute was insane and took two hours.

The kids and I stayed home and played. It never did warm up. By tomorrow we should see the coldest temps this winter. It is supposed to get down below 10F here. Today was cold, but pretty, and it snowed from early, early morning until almost sunset.

View of the front yard this morning.

And the back… before we tromped all over it.


This is the amount of snow accumulated on the patio furniture this morning – a good couple of inches. It kept on snowing for hours though. I’m not sure what the official reading was. “Enough” is a good word in my opinion!


Brad had to go to work. (ok, I admit, weird photo, but I like how soft the snow looks here).


The kids and I went outside around noon to work and play. They did help shovel some of the drive, but I also encouraged them to sled and goof off too. They don’t get to see enough snow and shouldn’t have to work in it! We were outside until sunset, maybe 4 hours. We might thaw out come Spring.


They started sledding down the driveway, but eventually moved to the hill on the lawn. The snow was so fluffy and light that Honor had a hard time getting going! Eventually they had some of the snow packed down and she was able to get up to speed.

We saw ‘our’ deer hanging out in the back several times today. At one point, when we went out to the shed, they didn’t run off when they saw us. They kept a beady eye on what we were up to, but didn’t spook and run!


I went out to the road to clear the end of the driveway. There was NO way that I was going to clear the whole thing(!), and I didn’t feel like trying to figure out the new snowblower on my own either, but we managed to clear everything but the graveled area. This snow was light enough to shovel. I took it easy though, and went slow. My ankle is still messed up and I’ve been sick. I didn’t want to push it. We have 3 shovels and the kids helped some, but I did most of it. I’m glad they had a chance to play today. 

There is a driveway in there somewhere…


The kids came up with some huge snowballs!



Brian, hard at work. He was with me at the street, so I got a photo of him shoveling. Honor was up near the house. She worked too, but I didn’t get a picture.



Honor tasted some snow, because Hey! Free snowcones!


We probably should invest in some snow pants… all of us had soaked and frozen britches! Boots might be smart too. Brr!


Honor made a cute snow turtle. I gave her a couple of key limes to use as eyes.


Isn’t he sweet??!


The setting sun was very pretty, reflecting on the snow.


Brian, hard at work on the edge of the cleared driveway, which shows how hard I had worked! That’s a lot of driveway to clear! I ended up shoveling the whole hill, down to where the gravel starts. I’m going to ache tomorrow!


Brian sculpted a snow dragon!


Here’s the head.


Honor helped some too, so she gets to pose with her big brother.


Full side view. You can see that the tail goes all the way to the basketball hoop.


The other side of the dragon. And a view of more shoveled driveway. (whew!)


It’s too bad that Brad had to work today. The kids and I had a very busy, but very fun snow day. At least Brad made it home just in time for hot cocoa.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


So, for the first time in 11 years Brian got to celebrate his birthday in the US. Of course, he had to celebrate it a little bit early as his actual birthday is on a school day, but close enough! I can’t believe that my handsome young man is 14 years old already. He’s an awesome kiddo though, and I know that we are lucky that he is ours!

He chose “The Cheesecake Factory” for his dinner out. We went a bit early as it gets so crowded around here on weekends. We still had to wait awhile, but it gave us a little goofing off time before we were seated.


Brian chose a vanilla-chocolate swirl cake with coconut pecan frosting for his cake. Honor frosted it and decorated it for him too. Yum!


I think he had a fun time. We got him the main things that he’d been asking for, nice headphones for his PC and his own cell phone, and a few things that he didn’t ask for, like a York peppermint patty (hey, those things are good!) and some new jeans – which is quite an accomplishment. Trying to find pants that are tall and slim enough for him is tough. (and I found TWO pair!)

And here are a couple of pics of others who enjoyed Brian’s birthday festivities too! Happy Birthday Brian! We love you!