Monday, June 9, 2014

Goodbye Middle School!

Last week was his little sister’s turn to Move Up to Middle School, and tonight, Brian moves up to High School. We have a successful 8th grade graduate!!
Honor couldn’t attend the ceremony due to limited seating, but it’s not like she’d have wanted to go anyway. She managed to pick up a nasty strep throat cootie over the weekend and has been laying on the couch for the last couple of days. Antibiotics are making her feel better, but she’s had a rough couple of days.
Before we took off for the school, I took a few photos of Brian. It was hot out. Right at 117F when we stepped out into the shining brightness. It’s amazing he could peel his eyes open.
Showing off his pearly whites (fresh dental cleaning yesterday – *SHINE!*)
Looking sharp in his new outfit (and hot… lots of degrees hot and swelter-y)
The graduating class enters the auditorium. Brian tries not to giggle at his mom stepping into the aisle to snap a photo.
Waiting his turn…
Finally, the moment that Brian’s been waiting for! Getting his certificates from the Principal and the CEO of the school.
We are rather proud of this kid!
Like his sister, Brian won an academic award. A Gold Certificate in the President’s Education Awards Program! Maintaining a high GPA, cumulative through all of Middle School!! All that hard work, chasing ‘A’s and ‘High Honor Rolls’ has paid off.
And this is it! He’s now a high school kid. Whoa!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Goodbye Elementary School!

Honor has graduated 5th grade and is now an official Middle Schooler!


When a girl goes to a Moving Up Ceremony in Tardis socks, she goes in style… because Tardis socks are cool.


Honor receiving her Silver Presidential Education Award!


For OUTSTANDING Academic Achievement – the Silver Award from the President’s Education Awards Program! This is based on achievements in total GPA and standardized tests. We are so proud!


And here she is, receiving her 5th grade graduation certificate.



See. Official. She’s on to 6th grade!



Monday, June 2, 2014

Chili Relleno Casserole

They had some nice looking peppers at the grocery store the other day. I am pretty sure that they were chili peppers, but sometimes it’s hard to know for sure what variety they are. They looked mostly like a chili pepper – red and green and somewhat thicker than these, but who knows. Close enough!

Time for Chili Relleno Casserole:

(for the topping)

2 lbs ground beef

1 large onion

2 bell pepper

2 tomatoes

6-8 chili peppers, seeds removed

1 small can of corn

1 can of kidney beans (drained)

1 can/box of tomato paste

salt, pepper, chili powder, cumin, cilantro, etc. 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese

1 cup of shredded pepper jack cheese

(for the topping)

1/4 cup flour

1.5 cups milk

4 eggs

salt and pepper

Pre-heat the oven to 375F

Brown the meat with the diced onion and garlic. Add the chopped veggies, the corn and beans, tomato paste (a little water if needed, but you don't want the mix to be 'juicy') Spice it up with the salt, pepper, cumin and chili powder as you like it. Or use a taco or enchilada mix of spices. Cook until meat is browned and veggies softened.

In a mixing bowl, mix the flour, eggs, milk, and salt and pepper into a thin batter. (Very thin, like a crepe batter, not pancake).

Put the meat mixture into a 9x13 casserole dish (if there's extra meat mixture, save it to make chili!). Spread the cheese on top, then pour the batter over everything.

Bake for 30-40 minutes until lightly browned and 'set'. Allow to cool for 5-10 minutes.

Don’t expect leftovers… Smile