Websites for Kids


Khan Online Academy -

MATH sites:                                                                                       

4th grade:

Division - (Long Division - Christine Munafo's Flipped Classroom - 4th Grade STEM) (one simple example, 4th grade long division)

Partial Quotients Division -

Use a Protractor -
Use a Full - Circle Protractor -

Math Grid -
Simple Graph -

Map Grid and Scale -
Awesome Map Music Video, with robots -
Basic Map Skills -
Dr. Suess - Map on my Lap -

SCIENCE sites:                                  

According to Brian, "BEST SITE EVER!!!!! it shows the ENTIRE universe to Scale WITH EVERYTHING!"

Static Electricity and Electronic Circuits!

Electricity and Safety                                                    


Website from the White House with links to articles and pages about US Space Programs and science (and details on a program that we do not support!)


Water Cycles -

A collection of interesting sites on Water -

Surface tension and water -

The properties of water -


Code Academy -!/exercises/0


Great online dictionary for kids -

Kids' News Sites - 
Here, There, Everywhere - News for Kids -

Teaching Kids News -

National Geographic -

 - The Following are regular news sites, not aimed at kids, but reliable -

Kuwait Times -

Arab Times -

The Telegraph -=

The Washington Post -

The NY Times -

The Week -


MOM's Blog post on how to mod minecraft: - How to add mods, how to install Forge, and how to set up new profiles with unique sets of mods. mine craft main webpage - This is my favorite mod. It adds villagers to the game that you can interact with.

                                   Minecraft wiki for looking up stuff  link to a great mod that is easy to install. This mod is separate from your main game, although you use your same login and password. It combines a whole slew of good mods into a very stable platform.

Tutorial on multiple instances -
Use this method to have different instances of minecraft using Mojang's 1.6.x launcher - each with their own unique Mods, Configs, Resource Packs, and Saves

Skydaz on Sim-U-Kraft -

MCF Mod List - a consolidated list of mods and what version they are compatible with -


Shannon said...

Thanks for the list, I the a few of these may be making the homeschool line up this week.

Connie said...

I had gotten tired of copying and pasting links from emails, so thought this would be a good place to gather them! If you have any problems with the links, or other favorite sites, let me know :)