Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015, and Winter Break too.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful winter break! It’s been cold and hibernate-y here at the Reed house. I managed to get sick for most of the break (boo!) but we had planned a quiet, stay-at-home, type vacation anyway so no major plans were disrupted, thankfully!
Us long time desert dwellers are having to adapt to this cold weather nonsense. We really do not like being cold! At least we’ve had some pretty days to enjoy… even if our teeth chatter.
Waiting for the bus on cold dark mornings! Welcome to Maryland!
Fog is pretty nifty though.
When cold, snuggle.
Brad helping Honor with her homework. Math is dad’s favorite!
When we moved into this house, we were warned by the neighbors to not drive on the lawn because the low bits were known for eating vehicles. Our little ditch froze up with interesting crystals one morning.
Pixie and I enjoy using the computer… in our own different ways.
Winter is tough on the animals though. This little one, who we caught sleeping in our backyard one morning, looks hungry already. Its mom was sleeping nearby too.
I decided to dye my hair a little bit red for the holidays.
Cats totally rule at relaxing.
Santa found us! Good thing we put in a change of address Winking smile  The tree looks nice down in the basement by the fireplace!
Ninja was confused about these particular gifts.
First time we’ve ever lived some place where we could get the kids some bikes! Oh yea… they’ve been looking forward to these!
Yes.. the cats did eventually knock them down…
The stockings were stuffed with sweet goodies and silly junk.
Ninja found the first kitty present and opened it by herself.
Honor got the tee that she’d specifically asked for, plus some more that fit her personality!
Actually, everybody got a lot of warm clothes! We needed them.
Brian got some Magic the Gathering cards (so did his Dad).
Pixie checks out the present stash… looking for whatever it is that smelled like nip.

The day after Christmas, we were blessed with a visit with good friends! We were posted together in Jordan and haven't has a chance to see each other since. We spent their entire visit chatting, playing, walking, eating, chatting some more and had such a great time catching up, that we totally forgot to take any photos together! Ah well... I guess this gives us a great reason to get together again some time.

Another winter break accomplishment – new glasses!
We hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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