Friday, November 9, 2007

In the beginning...

Honor, four, was playing a game on the computer, I was in the kitchen cooking lunch, and listened to the kids talk. For some reason, Honor asked her big brother Brian, six, if whales have ears. Brian confidently stated, no, but then asked Dad if that was correct. Nope. They do not have big ears that stick out, but they do have ear holes. This new knowledge encouraged a flurry of questions about which animal had ears or not. It was funny that Honor kept asking Brian, and Brian would relay the question to Brad, and then Brian would send the answer back to his sister - although they were all sitting in the same room.

This got me thinking of all the things I've ended up looking up on the web, or in books, etc. I do enough wandering and wondering of my own, but now find that I have to look up details of things, for different reasons. You never stop learning, and as a parent and one of the two primary teachers of our children, I am learning to study things from alternative angles!

We also move around a lot and I like to reflect on what we see and do, and how the kids interpret the world around them.

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