Friday, May 22, 2009

Writer's Cafe

Brian's class has been working on a variety of writing assignments throughout the school year and this week his class hosted a Writer's Cafe in order to share their work.
I arrived and glanced over the menu. There was a great selection of appetizers, entrees and desserts for my listening pleasure. Brian took my order:
Delivered it to the table.
And read my selections to me!
After reading, Brian brought me a juice and a plate of snacks. Then his teacher handed out certificates to each of the students, rewarding each for what they've contributed to the class during the year. It was a very sweet and personal tribute for each student. Brian's certificate said that he was the most curious and independent.

What a great way to spend the morning with my son!


MsTypo said...

This is such a cute idea!

Expat Mom said...

What a neat idea!

I have a question for you . . . how do you deal with people who comment on Brian`s hair or think he`s a girl? I`ve had a lot of people thinking I`m mean for letting Dorian grow his hair out (they don`t think a 3 y/o is old enough to choose) and I`m not really sure what to say back!