Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Renaissance, a definition or two:

a. A revival of intellectual or artistic achievement and vigor. (which I should apply, with said vigor, to this blog…yes, I have been slacking!)

b. The Maryland Renaissance Festival: “The Maryland Renaissance Festival is a recreation of a 16th century English village. Our village is named Revel Grove, and is set on a beautiful 25-acre wooded site with 85 acres of free parking. The village consists of craft and food booths, five pubs, ten major stages, a Jousting Arena and lots of games.

Every day is a Festival Day in Revel Grove, in honor of a visit by Henry VIII and his Royal Court. As such, the village will have entertainment, crafts, food, and frivolity fit for a king!” (The previous comment was snipped from the website, as bait, to entice you to go visit yourself.)

Artifacts and distinguishing features:






Lydia said...

Ok, I loved the music at the beginning . . who is it? (My loading pooped out right b4 the ending of the slideshow, so you may have put it, but I missed it.)
Looks like a lot of fun!!

Connie said...

It's a freebie tune that YouTube provides with it's audioswap feature. I lost the info on it as I was wrestling late into the night trying to find a clip of the right length (all were mis-labeled, which is an issue I haven't had a problem with before :p !) Anyway, the Ren Fest was a lot of fun! :)

rachaelgking said...

Haha! I want those horns!

srsr said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all. Miss you! KC and I wander around an empty house looking for treats.

Tina in CT said...

Looks like a fun day.

I've been faithfully checking your blog to see an update on where you now are living. Are you sharing? I look forward to posts about another land and learning.

junglemama said...

How fun! I would love to take the kids to a fair like this!