Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Must. Play. NOW!

Sorry that I haven’t been blogging much. Ninja has been obsessed with playing fetch and my arms fell off from too much toy throwing. It took awhile to grow new ones so I could type again. Yea. I’m lying. About the arms, not the fetch. All three cats play fetch, and unlike Ramses, our former cat who was dubbed a ‘Siamese Retriever’ and who had only specific toys he’d fetch, these guys aren’t too picky about what toy they will fetch, when in the mood. They each have favorites, and go through phases where they play more than others, but Ninja is taking it to an extreme. I had a pile of mending to do yesterday, and it took me about an hour to get it all done. Ninja seemed to think that my sitting and working meant that I was there to serve her. For the entire hour, while I did my sewing, I had to throw her toy. She’d leap furniture in dramatic bounds, slide across the marble floor, dive headfirst under the couch. Very impressive. The only thing that she needs to work on is getting the toy back, all the way, to the one who throws it. Sometimes, she’ll be so excited about her earned praise and pets… she LOVES getting her “Good girls!”… that she’ll start meowing happily as she trots back in triumph… meaning she’ll open her mouth and drop her toy, without even noticing… and run over for the loving. Then, she’ll look up at me expectantly (‘with those big eyes’ as Honor would say) waiting for me to throw the toy. She’ll eventually figure out that she needs to re-fetch it. Silly girl, and very cute. I’m pretty sure that she slept well last night, after all that running and leaping, and as soon as I got up this morning, she brought me her toy...

Speaking of fetch, and other questionable cat games, here are a few more:

Balloon soccer


You know that this is a game that never ends well…


Below, Pixie shows off the “sit on mom’s crafts as she’s trying to work” game, while Ninja is playing her game of, “Place a favorite ‘baby’ (the puppy toy)within reach of a sibling, then proceed to growl at that sibling for daring to even look at the baby, even though her siblings know better (now) than to ever touch Ninja’s babies.” It’s probably a very good thing that this is a photo, not video, as Ninja was using some rather bad language here, and I do try to run a family friendly blog.


Taekwondo is a good cat sport.


Sword fighting is fun too.




Tired cats enjoy a good story.


And like everything, when cats are done playing, it’s important that they put themselves away properly.



Jen said...

You simply have the cutest, most playful cats! Love it!

Connie said...

Thanks Jen :) We lucked out with this litter of cats, they're great!

Limningedge said...

my arms fell off too ;-) - love those ginger kitties

Connie said...

Us too... they are such good kitties (except when they are such naughty kitties, but we still love them anyway..).