Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Continuing Struggle

Don’t worry folks, when it comes to keeping us all safe from the scourge of evil pink socks, Ninja is relentless! She has been known to dig through dresser drawers searching for hidden enemy, risk her life by diving into a whole pile of laundry where who knows how many of the bad guys may be waiting in ambush, and she has even been known to rescue her favorite girl Honor (whether Honor wants to be rescued or not) when one of her feet get taken hostage… Ninja always prevails! 

Recently I caught video of one of Ninja’s assaults in progress. She eventually won the battle, but it was a close thing. (Please excuse the chaos and mess, the kids were making forts with the furniture again!)

This is also an example of why I need to cover our furniture, and why those covers never stay in place!

Our hero!



Rachel said...

Haha the cat looks so cute. That's a lot of work. lol
love Rachel

Nomads By Nature said...

Too cute! Ninja definitely lives up to the name - love the last move in the first video! Thanks for sharing!

Connie said...

Rachel - these kitties are a lot of work, but totally worth it. I tried to make coffee this morning and Ninja brought me her favorite rat toy and kept dropping it next to me. After she almost put it in the coffee filter with the coffee grounds(!), I realized that I HAD to quit what I was doing and go play fetch! So the 'work' is really all that hard :)

Connie said...

Nomads by Nature - she does earn her name! :) She is so much fun to watch as she often seems to have some plot and/or plan to her fights and games! Pink socks are an arch-foe from when she was a kitten, and not only has she pulled socks off of my feet, more often, I'll go to wake up Honor in the morning and she'll have one bare foot. If we're not wearing pink, then she'll wait for the sock drawer to be opened.

Nomads By Nature said...

Our puppy has the same sock fetish. He doesn't seem picky about colors, but we have a wonderful arrangement now when I go into my son's room to clean. I just say, "Find the socks!" and he goes in the Lego bins, under the bed, behind the curtain and completely scuba dives the room for every stinky, tossed off sock, wherever it might be hiding. When he runs out of socks he tries to go back into the hamper to 'refind' them. Aren't pet personalities just amazing!? I'm so glad your cats are bringing you and your family endless joy. They spread a little bit here too when you share such cute shenanigans!

Connie said...

What a smart puppy!! I wish Ninja could fetch all the socks too, that would be a marketable skill, I could hire her out! She will often bring her socks back to where she found them, when she's done with them, but won't pick up others. :)