Monday, November 18, 2013

Meanwhile, in the desert…

Traffic was crazy enough today, with some major roads closed because of a large conference in town, and then it rained…


Brian had gone home on the bus a bit earlier, but the storm hit while I was out picking up Honor at after-school band practice. There was thunder, lightning, and the skies just opened up. It poured hard for about an hour.

While waiting with a friend of Honor’s, for her mom to make it through the traffic and pick her up, we watched massive amounts of debris float merrily … and FAST… down the streets… including two tires! I wish I’d had my other phone or camera with me so I could have caught a video!

Like us… this guy (in the photo above and below) decided to grab a few photos! He’s actually standing up on a medium, the water was much deeper in the road. Like us too he was probably already soaked. As we left the school and headed to the car, I had to take off my loafers or risk having them float off of my feet. There were a bunch of people with pants rolled up to their knees (mine were already sopping wet, so why bother?) and also carrying shoes.

I think the driver of this GMC was having fun… unlike a lot of other drivers who were stalled in the deeper water. We could feel the water hitting the floor of our truck as we drove through it.

There was a LOT of this!

We saw some deeper areas, but my phone was out of space and I had to drive. Fortunately, we don’t have to go back out into it tonight. My dentist called and said they couldn’t get into the office this evening and we’ll re-schedule. Fine with me! No school tomorrow, so hopefully things will have a chance to dry out.


Here are a few links to other sites with more photos -


Nomads By Nature said...

Oh, my! As much as I really miss the rain and thunderstorms, I DO NOT miss that. Glad you got home safely!

Connie said...

It was messy, but fortunately people were, for the most part, driving very sanely!

RETA said...

Wow - your pictures are amazing! What a downpour!


Connie said...

Fortunately (and unfortunately) I spent a lot of time PARKED in this mess and it was a good opportunity to safely grab some photos. My little phone only holds so much though.

Unknown said...

Wow that is crazy! Hope no one was hurt, or too wet. It's a good thing you got home safely!

Connie said...

Annalyn - I think it was just a big mess and very inconvenient more than dangerous. With all the floods and such, traffic was really bogged down and not moving very fast! :)