Saturday, May 17, 2014

Flower Garden Afghan

Something that I’ve been busy with… finally finished!

One hundred percent Ninja approved. Honor loves it too, which is good, because it is for her!


Ninja kept me from spreading it out very well, but it is about the proper size for a twin bed.


A close up of the border. And close-ups of some of the squares.


This is another ‘scrap-ghan’. A blanket made with scraps. Many of these yarns are some that we’ve had for some time. Honor picked out the rainbow yarn above when she was about 3yo – I’d often let the kids pick out favorite string to play with. The solid yellow is a color that I’d bought to make hair for a doll.


The turquoise is some very old yarn that my aunt gave me. There were a number of pastel colors from baby projects that I’ve done over the years, and a nice purple from a doll dress I made for Honor when she was about 2yo.


Each square is different. I had a book of granny squares and had fun trying each pattern.


By the time I ran out of these scrap yarns, I’d made 54 squares. Enough for 9x6 square afghan. Honor picked out a nice green from the background and border. We had thought the patterns and colors looked like ‘flowers’, so the green made for a good leafy/grassy foundation.


This was actually a great project for Kuwait. It’s too hot here to carry around a large project, Except for the last bit, stitching it together and putting a border on it, I was able to carry around the squares and work on them a little at a time. Even with the full border on each square, they were only about 12” square and easy to work with, even on hot days.



brenda reece said...

This is gorgeous. Great job.

Nomads By Nature said...

What a cool project with wonderful layered memories in each part!

Unknown said...

OMG that is so beautiful! I totally forgot that you crocheted. Julia tried to teach me but I never
got the hang of it. Glad Ninja likes it! :) Does Honor crochet?
Love and miss you guys!

Connie said...

Honor has learned to crochet a little, but hasn't practiced much. Brian has probably done more than Honor! Neither of them work at it much though. Maybe when we move back to a cooler place? As with any hobby, you have to want to make something to really get into the process... and it's really too hot here in Kuwait to start a new hobby using yarn :)

Toni said...

It is just beautiful and something that she will cherish for the rest of her life. Especially since all the yarn has a special meaning.