Sunday, November 2, 2014

Craft Room

I have too much craft stuff. I admit it. I like arts and crafts. I like yarn, cross stitch, weaving, embroidery, sewing, carving, painting, drawing, sewing, etc. Some of these hobbies I’m pretty good at, some I am just learning. It doesn’t matter, I like them, and in our new home, I have a place for them!
This is what I did today. I started with this room filled high with boxes… some things had been in long term storage (spinning wheels and sewing desk) and some things (finally) arrived from Kuwait.

And by this evening, I have a craft room!


It still needs a bit of sorting and organizing, the sewing desk needs loading up, the drawers need filling, the bins need to be opened and sorted, the books need a better book shelf, and the little cabinet (bottom photo, left) is where I keep all the school and office supplies too and that needs straightening… but I now have a room for all of my toys and well-lit space to work with them!

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