Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Walking Down Main Street

After the snow and the bitterly cold days around Thanksgiving day, we finally lucked into a fairly nice day and decided to go take a walk down the historic Main Street area of Ellicott City. Founded in 1772, this place has been here for a good long while. (No snickering … you, Europeans… I’m looking at you… this is old stuff, at least it is for us!) It was a lovely outing and I’m looking forward to returning so I can browse the shops and check out the restaurants.

Finding parking was a little tricky. We had to travel in two vehicles, and it was a rather nice weekend day, but we managed to find a spot and go wandering. I may or may not remember what all of these sites are, but I’ll do my best to label things!

One of the first things that we encountered, right out of the parking lot, was this cute little log cabin. It was moved from its original position, but preserved as best as possible otherwise.

Ooh! Spinning wheel!


Bring your walking shoes. It’s all up and down hill.


Lovely courthouse.


And this is an old church that is now a museum of local history.


This little building was full of many interesting things to look at and read. I’ll have to go back some time and spend more time. I found it fascinating to learn about some of the families whose names I’ve seen on towns, roads and villages around here.

A few of the displays that I particularly enjoyed.


And an old map of the area where our current home is now located.


Outside the museum, being touristy.


See… gorgeous day for a wander!


This is on the downside of the hill, walking away from the court house and museum. Private homes are on this road, overlooking Main Street.



This is a lovely house, but all those stairs??!!


Peeking down at Main Street from the sidewalk up above.


We also stopped into the Firehouse Museum. Built in 1889. It’s small, but had a number of interesting displays.


A collection of firehose nozzles before they were standardized.


Insurance placards – to be displayed on your home or business. If you weren’t paying the company that showed up to your house in an emergency, they wouldn’t fight the fire.


Outside the front of the firehouse, and looking down the road next to it.


Main Street was the place to be. Very busy!


It’s a fun place to window shop.


How’s this for a narrow alley?!


I love the old stone buildings.


Of course, we had to go to the B&O Railroad Museum too. From the website:

“The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum: Ellicott City Station is the oldest surviving railroad station in America, and was the original terminus of the first 13 miles of commercial railroad in the country. The site features the Main Depot building, constructed in 1830-31; the freight house, designed by E. Francis Baldwin and built in 1885; a replica of the first horse-drawn passenger rail car, the Pioneer; and a 1927 "I-5" Caboose. Housed in the freight house is a 40-foot HO-gauge model train layout showing the original thirteen miles of commercial rail track stretching from Baltimore to Ellicott Mills.”


And Santa was there! Who knew? That guy sure gets around.


For LEGO fans, there was a HUGE interactive Lego train display in one of the rooms!



Before steam locomotives… there were horse drawn rail cars.



They didn’t make doorways very tall back in the day…


Record floods in the area. The one in the 1860’s was a killer.


Down below at the river.





Honor – trying to talk her dad into doing a little shopping. She likes the wolf tee shirts! Oh… and the fudge smelled divine.


Looking back up the hill where we walked earlier.


Another view of the firehouse.


After this little outing… we were cold and tired and ended up going out for Tex-mex for dinner! A good way to end the day. 


Nomads By Nature said...

Such a sweet town to explore! I'm jealous of the Tex-Mex finale.

Nomads By Nature said...

Such a lovely town to explore! I am jealous of the Tex-Mex finale.

Connie said...

We definitely have to go back and see some more - shop, dine, etc.!

Unknown said...

Nice nice looks like you guys had a wonderful time! :) Merry Christmas by the way!! Geez, Honor is as tall as I am now! XD