Sunday, May 12, 2019

Our first Fly-in as volunteers

We've been to Fly-ins before as we worked to learn more about opportunities for youth and flying. The 80th Anniversary of the AOPA was the first Fly-In Honor and I got to participate in as volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol.

There were tons of aircraft, booths and displays all over, some amazing WWII era aircraft and a veteran's paratrooper jump. CAP cadets helped with crowd control, serving breakfast, color guard, etc. It was a fun two days' work... despite part of it getting rained out!

I was able to grab some great photos - (photos are clickable for full size)

When the rain came.

That sky...

Prepping for flight

Crowd control

Getting ready to jump

Starting up

Taxi out with the door open

Heading out

The flyovers were awesome! 

AOPA banner

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