Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rock and Roll Barber Shop

Last Sunday, Brad had to go to work and the kids were home with me, still on winter break. They were getting very creative with building 'stores', 'pet shops', etc. in various parts of the house. It reminded me that Brad had asked for a haircut. I called Brad to see if he would be home at his regular time, then I asked the kids if they wanted to make a barber shop - oh yes!

Brian came up with the name:

Honor set out the price list - both signs were on the door for Daddy to see when he got home. We had a barber chair set up, a cash register, and in keeping in theme with the shop name, we put on 'rock and roll' T-shirts and had good music playing.

Most barbers do not take your shirt, but Honor insisted that Daddy would get hair all over his, and made him take it off. She did give him 'one of those things that go around his neck'.

Brian also gave Daddy something for his neck.

I did most of the hair cutting, Brian helped serve drinks and did other assisting, Honor helped brush and sweep.

After I cut Brad's hair, Honor asked me to cut her hair a little, she wanted a bit of bangs, and Brad trimmed my hair - he had a good deputy hair stylist. Brian was not interesting in cutting or having a trim! BTW, The rule in our house has been set: Only Mommy or Daddy are allowed to cut hair, but we make sure to let the kids have a turn when we do have haircuts, so they can let a little of that experimenting urge be relieved!

By the way, the pictures above were taken by Brian. Both kids are getting good at taking photos.
After the haircuts was clean-up time. Look who's (mostly) big enough to wrastle the real vacuum cleaner now! (and it was not so long ago that she was afraid of the machine. :-) ! )

Oh, and let's not forget the important part - three dollars please!

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junglemama said...

The family barber shop is so convienient. I love it!

BTWm Brian took great pictures.