Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reading and Writing

Now that she is reading so well, Honor has decided to start writing stories. She has always been very eager to pick up a pen and paper and express her creativity. As a toddler, she used herself as a canvas. Yes, we would be the parents with the child at day care who was stained multi-colors from non-permanent markers that weren't quite non-permanent. She also colored on other things that she knew she wasn't supposed to. Books, puzzles, the wall. She knew it was wrong... you could tell she knew! But she did it anyway. Fortunately, that was a very short stage in her career and she quickly moved on.

Even before she turned 3yo, she enjoyed freestyle coloring, drawing, and painting more than coloring books:
Like her brother, her creations, pictures or letters, would often be upside-down and backwards. When she started learning her letters and asking to have words spelled, all the letters would be scattered randomly around the page. Eventually, she got things turned around and lined up.

Until only recently, she's been more determined to learn how to write words, than she has been to read them! "How do you spell ... ?" has got to be her favorite sentence, although she is getting to be more adventurous and is writing by sounding out the words. She's also learned to send text messages with my (I mean 'our') phone.

She sat down one afternoon and wrote these two stories. No particular reason, she was just in the mood to write:
Once upon a time, there were fairies, and they had kids. The kids were walking and they saw a baby and they brought the baby home. The End. Honor 6
Once upon a time, there was a mermaid. The mermaid had lots of kid mermaids. The kids were scared of sharks, and once a shark came, they were scared. The End.

She'll be blogging in no time!


marina villatoro said...

wow, your kids sound so creative. my son is way off from reading still. i'm not rushing it, he'll get there at his level and speed. he never got into drawing so much, but like every kid they all have their thing:)
Apparently, all your daughter's stories and characters have lots of kids:) very sweet!!!

Rachel said...

Honor looks so cute in that picture. Tell Brian and Honor that I miss them so much.

Connie said...

Marina - reading should be fun! Provide books, a good example, and stand back! We let the kids go at their own pace and have nothing to complain about :)

Julia - she was little when she was 3 wasn't she?! How'd she get so big so fast?? Your cousins miss you too!

junglemama said...

What an imagination!

Expat Mom said...

Love it! I really, really like how she puts "wr" for "were" . . . totally gets the point across without all the extra "e"s!

When I was little, I used to drive my mom INSANE asking how to spell stuff (this was before I could actually read, I just had to write down everything in my head anyway) and then I`d have to ask how to draw the letter because I sometimes forgot. Ah, my poor, poor mom. At least she`s rewarded with the fact that I`m now a pro writer! So, hang in there. :D

♥ Braja said... definitely have a writer there, Connie...and she's lucky to have you as her "enabler." :)))