Monday, November 9, 2009

How to do housework

First, wake up your assistant with a gentle poke in the nose.


Pick up any papers from the floor – it is always so mysterious how they get there in the first place?!


Get some sweeping done.



Always offer to help mom with the dishes.


Make sure to have some play time scheduled too, you know you need it.


And after your work is all done, relax!



betty-NZ said...

Such cute little guys! I know they are a lot of 'help' around the house!

MsTypo said...

It's official i'm going to your place to kidnap a cat! Could those kittens be any more adorable?!!

Connie said...

For today's housework, I washed the cats! They were not exactly thrilled with it, (they are so soft now, and no longer smell like flea spray!) but they quickly forgave me and helped me finish folding laundry... if you consider burrowing through the basket and attacking the clothes I'm trying to fold 'help' :D ... no photos, of soggy, sad kittens, or laundry cats, I sort of had my hands full.

Tanya said...

Oh they are gorgeous!!

Connie said...

Thanks! They are even more gorgeous after their bath :) ! I love the distinctly different color that each kitten has, and yet, you can tell they are still sibs.

srsr said...

We loved the video of Brian with the cats. Also the picture of your top cat getting into trick or treating.
G-MA and G-Pa

Anele said...

That was ADORABLE!!!

Rebecca said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I love your blog! And your kittens!!! We watched the video about 10 times. ;)

I so miss my Livvy when she was a baby. She's 15 months now. :D

Thanks for visiting my cooking blog. I just love yours! I'll be back.

brian said...

WoW that was alot of work helping sweep the kitchen floor! We need a kitty nap!